Thursday, December 2, 2021

Tigger ‘Karen’ Apologizes to Black Neighbor After Going Viral

Tigger Karen

*The nosey white woman who confronted her Black neighbor over a cartoon Tigger flag has apologized after a TikTok video of their confrontation went viral. 

The clip was watched more than 10 million times.

We previously reported… a viral #TikTok video exposed the moment when a geriatric white woman visited her Black neighbor’s home to complain about a flag showcasing the Winnie the Pooh character hanging from the house. The clip titled “Watch my interaction with a Karen” was posted by a user named Ambrosia last week. 

Initially, the little old woman appears to be friendly as she approaches the doorstep. However, when Ambrosia opens the front door, it becomes clear that the woman is hell-bent on causing chaos.

“I wanna talk about this Tigger flag,” she began. “I don’t like it.” She then compliments the American flag that is also hanging from the house but slams the flag of the beloved cartoon character.

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“I don’t say nothing about the shrubbery being cut. I don’t say nothing about the backyard, but now, I don’t like that,” she complained.

TikTok user @tizzybizzy92, who is known as Ambrosia, posted the video. A day after the original video spread online like wildfire, Ambrosia posted that she received an apology from the woman.

“I don’t know who told her. Somebody told her. She did what we have been calling a drive-by apology,” she said.

“She was literally driving by when she shouted out of the window, ‘I’m sorry. Sorry.’ And she just kept going.”

The situation is another case of a “Karen” gone rogue, a term used to describe a white woman who acts in an entitled.

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