Sunday, September 25, 2022

Jessie Woo’s Shocking Whitney Houston Joke on ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Sparks Debate … Too Soon? | WATCH

Jessie Woo (Wild 'N Out)
Jessie Woo / Instagram

*If you’re not familiar with singer/comedian Jessie Woo from “Wild ‘N Out,” let’s just say her recent bit on Whitney Houston will blow up (expand) her career … or maybe kill it.

A recent  segment of the show had funny folks create outgoing voice messages that impersonate famous people, and Jessie arguably drew the short straw by getting Whitney.

For her impression, Jessie decided to come up with new lyrics for “I Will Always Love You,” and because she a petty damn good singer, she really got the crowd going. However, as she got into the crescendo of the song’s chorus … the funny woman dropped a bomb by suddenly stoppng the song and saying, “I’m dead,” and walking off.

Wait. What?!

The crowd was stunned, so it begs the question … too soon???

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As the world knows, Whitney died of an accidental overdose in February 2012, and, online at least, opinions seem split on whether joking about it should be off limits.

Many on social media are calling out Jessie’s joke for being “lazy,” “insensitive,” “offensive” and “disrespectful.” Others, however, find it hilarious, with one person saying they laugh every time they watch … even though they’re a Whitney fan.

Worth noting, according to TMZ, is that Jessie Woo posted a tribute to Whitney on her Instagram a few days ago, for what would have been the late singer’s 58th birthday.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Woo’s also standing by her joke … she went live on Instagram, and pointed out it was all in good fun for the show, and she’s seen people do much worse.




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