Friday, October 22, 2021

Allen Maldonado (‘Heels’): Give People of Color More Opportunities! | WATCH

*Wrestling made history this year at WrestleMania where Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks became the first African American women to headline the event and it looks like Starz’ new wrestling drama “Heels” will continue to highlight people of color in the ring.

Allen Maldonado (“The Last OG”) and retired two time Super Bowl champion James Harrison star in the new series as wrestlers competing at the fictional Duffy Wrestling League (DWL). EUR correspondent Ty Cole spoke to both about inclusiveness in pro wrestling, wrestling finishers, and why folks need to watch “Heels.”

Heels, Allen Maldonado
Allen Maldonado in Starz HEELS (2021)

Cole: How has pro wrestling progressed in terms of being inclusive and will we see that on “Heels?”

Maldonado: I believe we’re moving in the right direction. This is bigger than sports entertainment – we need more diversity and within the show, we’re able to speak upon this and highlight our characters. We need to focus on giving people of color more opportunities.

Starz HEELS (2021)

Cole: If you had a chance to create your own finisher, what would you call it?

Harrison: Deebo, and it would be apocalyptic because my name in the show is Apocalypse. With my finisher, I’ll literally finish my opponent and it will implode the entire ring.

Heels, James Harrison
James Harrison in Starz HEELS (2021)

Cole: Why should people watch “Heels?”

Maldonado: People will love the journey of the characters. Some of these stories have never been seen before – in this particular arena, which will be fascinating as different story lines play out. You’ll see what happens to a wrestler’s life outside the ring, it’s not always flowers and we’ll shed light on that.

Harrison: This show will resonate with non-wrestling fans because of the stories these characters are telling – the wins, losses, family dynamics, and team dynamics that many people can relate to.

Get to know their characters inside and outside the ring on “Heels” Sunday, August 15 at 9:00PM ET/PT on Starz.

Heels, Allen Maldonado
Allen Maldonado in Starz HEELS (2021)

Ty Cole
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