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Beautiful Trans Actress Jasmine Davis: ‘Getting a Va-JJ was like Giving Birth to Myself,’ Dishes on ‘The Chi’s’ Season 5. | WATCH

*The popular Showtime series “The Chi” will be back for season 5.  Yassssssss!  Meanwhile, radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers sits down for an exclusive with the lovely trans actress Jasmine Davis (love that name, lol) to chop it up about her personal journey and the new season.

Jasmine plays Trig’s ride or die wifey, Imani.  Trig (Luke James) was recently released from prison and is now a community activist who is deeply in love with his girl.

“What made me get into this project is that it’s not another trans victimization story. I love that they humanize her and make her just another person. They bring aspects of the fact that she’s trans but it’s not the total story,” Davis shared with Summers, exclusively for EURweb Spotlight.

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The Chi
From left: Luke James as Trig and Jasmine Davis as Imani. (Elizabeth Sisson/Showtime)

Davis was also in Netflix’s “Never Have I Ever” and celebrates the growing presence of trans women in film and television.

“It makes me proud to see that there is longevity in my career now without having to demean myself and depict stereotypes. On “The Chi” I have a whole husband and whole little family going on. I’m like Imani in my own life.  I’ve never dealt with a lover who was ashamed of me. ”

In season 5 of “The Chi,” she says, “They need to show how Trig and Imani met.  They need to close that up.  I want to see us have a traditional wedding and we need to find out wassup with her mom.”

Stay tuned, fam.

Jasmine Davis and fur baby
Actor Jasmine Davis and her fur baby

Jasmine didn’t come out to the public and to some friends until she was cast in the show.

“When I was a kid I thought I would go to hell because I was in a very religious family.  I lost some friends when I came out,” she reveals to Spotlight.” It was kind of a sh*t show.  The most magical time in my life was the most tragic time in my life.  I was supposed to be so happy.  Here I was in almost  two hit shows but it was the saddest and most heartbreaking time in my life.  COVID happened,  I lost my dog.  I was having health problems with my stomach because of stress.  There was no family around me.  No genuine friends.  I was getting hate mail.  I broke down. Later I was thinking bitch I am strong as f-ck to get through all that.  ”

Her parents weren’t there for her during that difficult time which she says was the toughest in her life as a trans woman.  Her dad, who struggled with substance abuse,  still isn’t in her life.

“I don’t have a relationship with him. We speak, but I don’t know that person. But I’m not sorry at all. Its better for people to not be in your life.  Because if they are not in your life, they can’t destroy you and hurt you more.”

Actor and Model Jasmine Davis stays fit
Actor and model Jasmine Davis stays fit

Jasmine decided to get a va-jj (vagina) which she describes as a magical experience, allowing her to fully claim who she is.

“I decided a vagina was right for me.  That was my spirit and my soul.  The P rules the world.   Honey, she has got me through a lot of things.   I had such a beautiful experience.  I had my operation on Mothers Day. It was like I was giving birth to myself.  The sun  was shining  I was in pain, but it was like God herself said welcome.”

Actor Jasmine Davis
“The Chi” actor Jasmine Davis

The multi-talented Jasmine Davis is also a singer and has an album dropping soon.  Check out her chops and the full interview by watching the video at the top.  I promise you will love this chick!

jazmyn summers headshot
Jazmyn Summers

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