Thursday, August 18, 2022

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott Challenges NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson to A ‘Hip Hop Battle’

Mark Robinson / Getty
Mark Robinson / Getty

*Controversial North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has faced many challenges over his career because of his political stances, but now he faces a new challenge. Robinson is now being challenged to a  “rap battle.”

Durham NC minister and activist Paul Scott aka “TRUTH Minista ” founder of the Black Messiah Movement has called the Lt Governor out to have a duel of the mics. Earlier this year  Robinson took exception to being dissed by  a teacher who, allegedly,  chose the late rap icon Tupac Shakur as a Black History topic assignment instead of him. Scott thinks that was a good choice. (Lt. Gov. decries politicization of NC classrooms:

“I vehemently disagree with the Lt.  Governor on such issues as Critical Race Theory and systemic racism, ” says Scott. “So, I challenge him to jump in the Hip Hop ring and get ready to rumble.”

Rap battles have long been a way to handle disputes in Hip Hop since the start of the genre that featured such verbal jousts as Hip Hop legend LL Cool J vs Kool Mo Dee. Hip Hop battles have gained renewed popularity thanks to popular shows like “Wildin’ Out”  and the newest internet sensation “Verzuz.”

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Paul Scott - black messiah - 400x400
TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

While Scott isn’t, necessarily,  suggesting that he and Robinson grab some old Run DMC hats and gold chains and jump on a stage with giant boom boxes, (though he is not opposed to that) he is challenging Robinson to political “rap battle” where political and cultural differences can be debated.

“With all this turmoil in our country, our children need to know that we can handle disagreements with words instead of guns; “ says Scott.

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