Thursday, December 2, 2021

Guests at Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash Forced to Delete Photos of Him Dancing

*Barack Obama is catching heat once again over his star-studded 60th birthday bash which was held at Martha’s Vineyard Saturday night. Prior to the event, the backlash was over the number of guests expected to attend amid a pandemic. Now the haters have taken to social media to complain about Obama dancing at his own party.

A guest at Obama’s bash said he was forced to delete Instagram photos he posted of himself because Obama is seen #turningup in the photos. 

As written by Fox News: rapper Trap Beckham and his manager, TJ Chapman, posted various photos to Instagram from the event, but the images were later deleted under the event’s photography ban, the New York Post reported.

“Had to delete everything due to the rules,” Beckham said, the Post reported. “It was epic for sure. If any videos surface it’s going viral. He danced the whole time. Nobody ever seen Obama like this before.”

“Epic night last night,” Chapman said in a video. “I posted some stories of myself. Didn’t think anybody gave a damn, and I guess they did. That’s not cool. That’s not cool.”

Erykah Badu also posted footage of Obama holding a microphone and dancing on stage but it was later deleted.

“Y’all never seen Obama like this in your life,” Chapman later added on Instagram.

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Barack and Michelle planned a COVID-safe outdoor party with required vaccine testing for all guests.

“The Obamas are hosting a party to celebrate President Obama’s 60th birthday with family, friends, and former staff,” a source told PEOPLE last weekend.

“This outdoor event was planned months ago in accordance with all public health guidelines and with COVID safeguards in place,” Hannah Hankins, a spokeswoman for the Obamas, told PEOPLE. “Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends.”

“He’s appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon,” Hankins added in her statement.

Barack asked that instead of gifts, guests were asked to make a donation to the Obama Foundation.

“In lieu of gifts, guests are being asked to consider giving to programs that work to support boys and young men of color and their families here at home in the United States, empower adolescent girls around the world, and equip the next generation of emerging community leaders including the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, the Girls Opportunity Alliance, or the Obama Foundation’s Global Leadership programs,” a source told PEOPLE.

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