Monday, September 26, 2022

The Pulse of Entertainment: Hip-Hop’s Lea Robinson Releases R&B Single ‘Blessed’

R&B’s Lea Robinson releases new single ‘Blessed.’

*“I’m just in this space in life that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I give all praise to God,” said Lea (Leanetta) Robinson about her new R&B single “Blessed.” “Everything I’ve prayed for is coming true. I’m so grateful and blessed.”

Lea was also a reality show personality on Bravo TV’s “First Family of Hip-Hop” and is the granddaughter to Sylvia Robinson (“Love is Strange”). Sylvia is credited for producing “Rapper’s Delight,” the first successful rap record in 1979 for the Sugar Hill Gang, which made Hip-Hop commercially valuable. Sylvia then launched Sugar Hill Records with her husband Joe Robinson, and signed Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (“The Message”). The single “Blessed” simplifies writer, producer and engineer Lea Robinson’s realization of that legacy created and nurtured by her grandmother.

“When I was younger I didn’t know this was my family. Touring was a normal life,” she said. “I’m just seeing now how many people they (Sugar Hill Records) have effected. I’ve come full circle.”

Lea, who also starred in FX’s “Pose,” had a grandmother who lived next door to icon Ronald Isley, who had a remarkable stint as an R&B singer, and who is the founder of a label that had a roster of acts that help solidify the culture and genre of music we now call Hip-Hop. She now picks up the baton to continue the family legacy set by her grandmother.

When I pointed out that she is a Hip-Hop R&B artist who has a single called, “Blessed,” which talks about praising God, she said, “I’m about self help. Healing has become a cool thing. I like to sleep peacefully so the truth has to be said.”

Lea Robinson, who appeared on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen,” said about her upcoming album – when asked, “Working on it right now. I’m going back and forth from Los Angeles and Atlanta.”

The New Jersey native said about her reality show appearance, “It wasn’t for me. I had a hate relationship with it, but unless they’re playing my music I want no parts of it.”

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