Saturday, July 2, 2022

Megan Thee Stallion, DaBrat React to Homophobia in Hip-Hop Amid DaBaby’s Controversy [VIDEO]


*Megan Thee Stallion has weighed in the conversation about homophobia in hip-hop following the backlash against DaBaby’s anti-gay remarks at Rolling Loud Miami.

“Representation is important, and it is really crucial for us all to have compassion and acceptance of every human,” she said in a recent interview with People magazine.

DaBrat has also addressed DaBaby’s recent homophobic rant, claiming it’s “way better now” being an openly gay rapper.

The rapper and her girlfriend Judy Dupart joined TMZ Live on Wednesday “and insisted DaBaby wasn’t speaking for all of hip-hop when he dropped that homophobic rant at Rolling Loud,” the outlet writes. Peep what the couple had to say about it via the clip below.

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Meanwhile, Meghan Thee Stallion dished with PEOPLE about her collaboration with Cash App, saying she wants to encourage her fans to learn how to invest.

“I have Bitcoin! I got it when I downloaded the app. Before investing you should always take the time to educate yourself,” she says. “With Cash App you can purchase a fraction of stock or Bitcoin with as little as a dollar.  You can test the waters and see how comfortable you are.”

In June, the rapper also spoke about supporting female rappers.

“It is important for me to be known as a girl’s girl because a lot of times the industry tries to paint it like women don’t support each other…that girls can’t be in the same field without being competitive and catty,” she said. “But me, I love all the girls and I want everybody to know I don’t believe in that.”

“I am in my own lane, you are in your lane, and, you know, I appreciate good music,” she continued. “All these women.”

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