Friday, September 17, 2021

Ellie Diop: Single Mom Turns Stimulus Check into Multimillion Coaching Business

*Millennial single mother Ellie Diop is speaking out about show she used her $1,200 stimulus check to start a million-dollar coaching business.

Ellie, 28, decided to invest in herself after getting laid off from her six-figure job and going through a divorce.  As written by Black Enterprise, a year later, she has accumulated 230,000 followers on her “Ellie Talks Money” Instagram page, where she shares business and money knowledge. Ellie has been able to generate over $2 million in revenue, Business Insider reports. 

“I leveraged my experience in the corporate world to get started,” Ellie told Business Insider. “I spent 45 days scrolling through Instagram every day, researching, following hashtags, before making my first post. It is important to look at who is having success in the field, analyze what they are doing that is working, and identify which needs they are not meeting.”

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“I saw a lot of unanswered questions,” Diop said. “So many business coaches were either men or single women without kids or women in a relationship without kids. I did not see anyone who could offer my point of view, so I decided to become that person.”

Here’s more from Black Enterprise: 

As soon as she received her stimulus check, Ellie purchased graphic design tools, good lighting, and a website. She secured her essentials for less than $500 and built her own website to save money. Then, she committed to transforming her knowledge into courses. Within 10 months, she reached the seven-figure mark. Ellie has reached the $2 million mark in her business by managing her sources of income. She’s earning five streams of income from business coaching, courses, rental properties, life insurance, and speaking engagements. She’s looking to add more income sources to her portfolio. Ellie says that she leveraged business credit, email marketing, and exclusive offers to scale her business.

“The only difference between where you are now and where you want to be is information and execution,” Ellie shared on Instagram. “Information changes situations but only when applied.”

“I remember that my first weekly payout from my business sales was $74.09,” Ellie posted on Instagram. “Now I see that number with some more zeros behind it. Don’t give up!” She adds, “In order to build a 7-Figure business you have to make sure you start with a 7-Figure foundation. That’s my strategy! When we start strong, we build stronger and faster.”

Ny MaGee
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