Friday, October 22, 2021

The Latest MS Outlook Voice Recording Updates to Try in 2021

Man recording voice on Smartphone
Man recording voice on Smartphone

*Microsoft is working hard to improve the user’s experience with its products. This is especially true for MS Outlook updates, which are rather rarely provided. However, to remain competitive and not lose the status of the most popular corporate mailing client, MS Outlook started to introduce its fresh updates. In this article, we will review the freshest voice recording feature and its possibilities

Meanwhile, if you still haven’t moved to MS Outlook or you are going to do this in the nearest future, we recommend you to use for a fast and smooth migration.

New Voice Recording Possibilities

Recently, Microsoft has launched a new recording and transcription function for the Microsoft Office app for Android. This function allows you to record and transcribe voice recordings. Now Microsoft is releasing even more features for the Outlook app on iOS and Android. In practice, it allows you to do much more with your voice. So, we know that there are three improvements related to voice recording. Now you can do the following:

  1. Schedule meetings with voice commands;
  2. Do surveys by voice;
  3. Dictate emails.

To execute a voice command, just tap the icon in the lower right corner of the app. Then just activate the microphone icon to launch Cortana. After that, you can use commands similar to “when is my next meeting?”, “create a meeting with x” and more. However, you can even search emails by voice: “Find emails sent to X,” “Find emails with X attachments.”

If you are a Microsoft 365 user, you can use the new dictation function in Outlook mobile. Remember that this is already available in Outlook for desktop and allows you to respond to emails or create drafts quickly using your voice. However, this function recognizes the names of people in our contact list.

Our tests have shown that this feature is, for now, only available in Outlook for iOS. However, the Android version will be available very soon.

Indeed, we are not always used to voice commands. However, over time they will become very handy. In practice, they have the advantage of doing everything hands-free.

Smartphone with emoticonOther Cool Improvements

Except for voice commands, it will also be possible to send reactions in both Android and iOS Outlook versions. This feature should be launched in September 2021. However, we can also predict that the Microsoft 365 roadmap may suddenly change. As soon as the reactions become available, users will be able to express their emotions quickly without having to send an email. Simply speaking, it will make everything much more practical.

Often when people send us a letter, we need to confirm the receipt and clearness of the letter. Replying only “received” or “ok” can confuse people, especially when we are in conversation mode. With the help of emojis, we can give a fast reply that stands out from the crowd.



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