Thursday, August 18, 2022

Dallas Cop Under Investigation After Punching Man Repeatedly in Viral Video (Watch)

*A Dallas police officer who is seen in a viral video repeatedly punching a man is currently under two other use of force investigations, reports KENS 5.

Dallas police have not released his name, but multiple sources say the officer is Melvin Williams, a SWAT officer who was working off duty at the Off the Cuff Bar on Elm Street. Williams was among Dallas police officers responding to a fight in Deep Ellum involving about 20 people. In the video, Williams confronts a man, then punches him at least five times.

Watch the raw video below:

Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata has seen the video.

“Well, definitely the officer has some explaining to do. I think the citizens deserve an investigation, and the department is investigating,” Mata said.

It’s not the first time Williams has been investigated for use of force. He’s also at the center of two other cases stemming from last summer’s protests and unrest in Dallas. First is the case of 21-year-old Vincent Doyle, who was shot in the eye with a sponge round, cutting his face and leaving him with limited vision. The Dallas District Attorney is taking that case to a grand jury.

Williams is also under investigation in the case of Brandon Saenz, who was shot in the eye with a 40 mm sponge round. His left eye had to be removed.

Daryl Washington represents both men in a federal lawsuit.

“He’s not someone who should be wearing a badge and have a gun in his possession,” Washington said.
There are questions about why Williams was not on restricted duty while under investigation for use of force.




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