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‘Resort to Love’ Star: My Ex-Girlfriend Used To Fart In Her Sleep | WATCH

*Nothing’s more awkward than when an ex-partner lets one loose!

Comedian Jay Pharoah and Sinqua Walls let loose in the new romantic comedy film “Resort To Love,” produced by Alicia Keys, which follows an aspiring singer (Christina Milian) whose big break is halted after a popular singer cancels his final album.With the help of a friend, she lands a singing gig on a resort and ends up getting booked to sing at her ex-fiancée’s wedding (Pharoah).

Resort to Love
Jay Pharoah as Jason King, Christiani Pitts as Beverly Stratford in ‘Resort to Love’ Cr. David Bloomer/ NETFLIX © 2020

EUR correspondent Ty Cole spoke to Pharoah and Walls about the party and cuddling pet-peeves.

Cole: What is the perfect bachelor party?

Pharoah: The perfect bachelor party involves your favorite celebrities at E11EVEN in Miami, with money falling from the ceiling, lots of Ace of Spades, and your father has to be there!

Cole: What’s a pet peeve you don’t tolerate when you’re cuddling with someone?

Walls: Not a pet peeve but I will throw an ex under the bus…An ex I dated for a long time used to fart in her sleep. It was funny to me because of the idea that women ‘don’t do that.’ I felt like she would wait until she thought I was asleep and let it go – I wasn’t asleep, and I would let her know I heard that [aughing].

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Resort to Love
Christina Milian as Erica Wilson, Sinqua Walls as Caleb King in ‘Resort to Love’ Cr. David Bloomer/ NETFLIX © 2020

Cole: Why should viewers see “Resort to Love?”

Walls: “Resort to Love” is a fun ride, and there are different goals each character has that you’ll see. Everyone has their moment, and the film will take you for a ride.

Fall in love and see “Resort To Love” streaming July 29th on Netflix.

Ty Cole
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