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Falynn Guobadia is ‘Officially Divorced’ from Porsha Williams’ Fiancé

Falynn Guobadia Simon Porsha
Falynn Guobadia, Simon Guobadia & Porsha Williams / Instagram

*Falynn Guobadia says she is officially divorced from Simon Guobadia, Porsha Williams’ fiancé.

Guobadia previously maintained that he did not cheat on Falynn, and offered $50,000 to anyone with receipts proving otherwise. 

Asked about Williams, Falynn insists the reality tv star had no role in the breakup of her marriage.

“No one has that power over my life, my husband’s life, and our marriage,” Falynn said, as reported by PEOPLE. “Simon and I were the ones who were married to one another. We’re the ones who created a family together and built a life with one another. I blame the both of us. He is to blame, I am to blame, and that is all. Whatever came after that — not saying it was right, not saying it was wrong — but no, no one has that power.”

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She didn’t find out about Simon and Porcha’s engagement until they announced it on social media. 

“I found out [about their engagement] the same time as everyone else,” Falynn said. “I did not know. As a matter of fact, I remember receiving a phone call around 8 a.m. that morning when everything started making headlines and someone said to me, ‘Simon and Porsha, they’re engaged,’ and I remember arguing with them. I said, ‘No, my husband is a lot of things but he would never do that to me. That is just not who he is.’ “

Falynn said she still loves Simon “unconditionally”

“I just want him to be happy,” she shared.

“I meant what I said when I took my vows and I meant what I said when told Simon I loved him unconditionally,” Falynn said. “If he’s happy, then I don’t care. I don’t care how… If my husband is happy, then okay. It hurts. It hurts like hell.”

As previously reported on EURweb, last month, Simon took to Instagram with claims that Falynn cheated on him and is currently pregnant with another man’s child. Those shots were in response to a video Falynn posted teasing her first interview about their failed relationship and Simon’s current engagement to her former friend, Williams.

“The Face of Cheating Wife…” said Simon, 57, alongside a post of the interview trailer. He further claimed that Falynn had an affair with an Atlanta entrepreneur, whom he identified by his Instagram handle. The two are having a child together, Simon alleged, and living in a home on Simon’s dime.

“Let’s start with why I filed for divorce,” Simon wrote. “Let’s start with who she cheated with and currently pregnant for and living in a home I paid for — post divorce. … This is how your generosity gets twisted. Let’s get started there.”

Meanwhile, Simon and Williams haven’t yet revealed when they will be tying the knot. 

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