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Hollywood Icon Pam Grier Tapped to Star in ‘Pet Sematary’ Prequel

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*Pam Grier has been tapped to star in the prequel to Paramount’s 2019 horror film “Pet Sematary.”

Per Variety, Grier joins a cast that includes Jackson White (“Mrs. Fletcher”), Forrest Goodluck (” The Revenant”), Jack Mulhern (“Mare of Easttown”), Natalie Alyn Lind (” The Goldbergs”) and Isabella Star LeBlanc. The upcoming “Pet Sematary” will serve as an origin story to the popular Stephen King novel.

The untitled movie begins shooting in August and will debut exclusively on Paramount Plus.

Back in 2019, King recalled writing the novel and hating the final results. 

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“I just had the greatest time writing the book until I was done with it. And I read it over, and I said to myself, “This is awful. This is really f—ing terrible.” Not that it was badly written, necessarily. But all that stuff about the death of kids. It was close to me, because my kids lived on that road,” said King in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

“We moved to this little town called Orrington, because I got a job as writer in residence at the University of Maine. We rented this nice house on the river, and a pet cemetery was in back of it. There was a path that went up there that kids kept mowed. They didn’t wear any of those funny masks — you know, with the hooked noses and stuff. [Laughs] But it was there, and it was really a nice place,” he added. 

“My daughter’s cat died. And we buried it in the pet cemetery. That was Smucky. She made a little cross that said “Smucky — he was obedient.” And I mean, he was a cat. He wasn’t f—ing obedient! [Laughter.] But she loved that cat,” he explained.

“That night, after we buried it, we heard her out in the garage. She was jumping up and down on those popper things that they wrap fragile stuff in. She was shouting, “God can’t have my cat. That cat is my cat!… Let him have his own cat.” And I put all that in the book, and yeah, we were in the field, and there really was a busy road there [when Owen wandered too close]. Everything in the book up to the point of the supernatural stuff is true.”

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