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Singer Angie Stone Knows the Secret Code: How to Pull Younger Attractive Men

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*You have to respect this. All types of women have powers and want to share what they know about luring and then mutually falling in love with special men. From the Karrine Steffans (Video Vixen) types to the younger more exotic, but urban types like Saweetie and even the down-to-earth sister friend types like the 59-year-old singer, Angie Stone.

Each of these women say love is out there for the taking. And according to Stone you don’t have to be a Beyoncé type to make a man fall for you. In fact the singer said men tell her it’s often more peaceful connecting with the girl next door, they can avoid certain headaches (more on that below).

Stone said, while men love experiencing a beautiful “chick,” they also run away from stress. Plus, men enjoy friendships with regular girls and “it’s very easy to wanna kiss.”

And why do men like Idris Elba and D’Angelo go for the Angie Stone types when they can have Beyoncés? According to Madame Noire, this is what the singer had to say:

“I had Spoony G tell me one time ‘I don’t want no girl that’s too fine, because my head would be hurting all the time, I’d be stressed out. Because these are the chicks that everybody’s after. So you get no peace.’”

“Now you get a normal, sexy chick like me,” Stone said. “…that’s average in appearance, but above average in every other level. … I think that these guys fall in love,” she said.

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Angie Stoe - Idris Elba
Angie Stone – Idris Elba

Here’s more of what Stone said about men falling for her:

“I would say that … most real guys are looking for someone that’s a good friend first. I think I’m everybody’s big sister and after they’re around me long enough,” Stone said. “They get to know the inside and they [see] ‘she’s a beautiful sister.’ And I think that most of them are in love with the idea of [getting close to] good people.

But listen, if you’re drop-dead gorgeous, maybe an article about how plain girls pull younger, attractive men might not seem appealing. And maybe you’re reading this for your older sister. But, read along and there’s something for you, too.

So, to the incredible beauties still scratching their temples about love, author Karrine Steffans (who was recently on the The Salon with Lala Milan show) shares tips for the most desired women.

Different from the past, when Steffans would encourage women to just live it up, these days the once video-vixen shares what not to do (things she learned from highly publicized escapades with Hollywood celebrities).

The Vixen Diaries author said she’s much wiser and her ideas have evolved from what she wrote in her books, and she draws from the wisdom of the elders now.

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Angie Stone
Angie Stone

Plus, 42-year-old Jeannie Mai Jenkins, who married Jeezy this last Spring, even talks about the shift that happened (in her interracial marriage). Mai Jenkins said because she’s older, knows what she likes … needs and wants, and because she’s ready to adjust and give her whole self to “the love that’s available,” she’s experiencing the greatest romance of her life (read about her shift with Jeezy here). So, Jenkins is a symbol of hope for women over 40.

And like all good coins there’s another side: Angie Stone might be the girl next door, but Saweetie on the other hand is erotic and you have just got to check out Saweetie‘s anthem about her own exotic-beauty. But beware, this is a jealousy ⚠ alert.

In the end, (from Saweetie’s ‘Pretty B!tch Music’ anthem) we learn why we can celebrate everything (even the the things we don’t have). Check out the article here: Jealousy Alert ⚠.

There’s a path for all of us to find yummy love.

And back to average girls pulling men over younger more attractive women … of the steamy encounter with Idris Elba, here’s what Stone had to say:

“When Idris and I wrote that song [‘I Wanna Thank You’], Idris was actually crushing on me … He was like…’you know, we’re very good friends’; we had the same accountant, same manager and for a long time, he made it public that he was in love with [me.] I had already been with D’Angelo and I don’t know whether it was these good looking guys just diggin’ Angie Stone, but we became very close, but not in that way.”

It’s summer time and love is in the air.




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