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Kerry Gordy (Berry’s son) Remembers Prince Wearing High-Heels While Playing B-ball! | VIDEO – EURweb

Kerry Gordy - Prince
Kerry Gordy – Prince

*This is mildly interesting, but diehard Prince fans might really enjoy learning that Prince, regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all times, could kick butt on the basketball court while wearing high heeled shoes!

Turns out Page Six spoke with Berry Gordy‘s 62-year-old son, Kerry Gordy (also known as KG). And since KG was born the same year Motown was founded, the hits factory heir naturally knows the scoop on everybody who came through Motown.

And of everything he got to see (growing up around such greatness), KG said his most vivid memory was playing basketball with Prince; who zipped across the court with his heels on. And according to KG, the music legend had surprising basketball skills; he was a real baller KG said.

“He was slipping a little bit with his high-heeled shoes on. I don’t know how he did it. I guess he was playing on his tippy toes because, you know, running in high heels is a nightmare, KG said. “But anyway, he was amazing.”

Reportedly, Prince got his basketball prowess in high school, an interesting fact sketched out in a comedy skit on the “Chappelle’s Show.”

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The Motown descendant told Page Six there isn’t a single Motown artist he doesn’t have a relationship with.

KG said he really got to know Prince after they played basketball. And of the singers real-life temperament (so different from his on stage persona):

“[He was childlike,” KG said. “But, when he was out in the public, he was cool. …  I could tell him ‘no’ — and most people couldn’t,” KG said.

KG’s close friends (and basically family) have included: Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie and he went to school with Michael Jackson. Diana Ross is mom to KG’s half-sister Rhonda. And KG also said Michael Jackson was once a talented paint artist and tried to teach Berry Gordy’s son to paint but KG ended up just changing the paint water for Jackson, reports Page Six.

“So, I was a prince in this kingdom called Motown … They just all treated me fantastic, all of them,” KG said. “I did love them all like family because it was a family.”

mike and kg
Kerry Gordy hanging with childhood friend Michael Jackson. | Instagram

Kerry Gordy and another close friend, Lionel Richie. Photo: courtesy of KG

Kerry Gordy and another close friend, Lionel Richie. Photo: Courtesy of KG.



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