Sunday, September 25, 2022

IRS Slaps R. Kelly with $2 Million Tax Lien

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R. Kelly has been slapped with a $2 million dollar tax lien for allegedly failing to pay taxes in 2008.

As reported by Radar, the Internal Revenue Service filed a lien against Kelly’s former Illinois mansion after refused to pay $1,935,034.88 for the year 2008.

If he doesn’t pay up, the agency will begin seizing his assets and property. Last year, Kelly was hit with a separate federal tax lien, as the IRS said he owed $1.8 million for the years 2013 and 2016.

Here’s more from Radar:

In court documents, Kelly was accused of owing $648,998.25 for 2013 and another $1,229,739.18 for 2016. The grand total of the lien came to $1,878,737.43. The lien has yet to be released and the debt remains unpaid.

The grand total for Kelly’s total tax debt totals $3,813,772.31. In 2012, the IRS said he owed them $5 million in back taxes.

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Meanwhile, Kelly, who is currently jailed in Chicago for sex crimes, will be moved to New York City for his sex trafficking and racketeering trial that is expected to kick off in August.

Kelly is also facing a potential second trial in Chicago this fall in a separate federal case related to child pornography, sexual exploitation of children and conspiracy to defraud the US government, per Page Six. The outlet reports that Assistant US Attorney Elizabeth Geddes told US District Judge Ann Donnelly during a recent virtual hearing that prosecutors would, “begin that process of moving [Kelly] to Brooklyn from Chicago for trial.”

The judge also noted that appropriate COVID safety measures will be in place for the trial. 

“It’s going to be normal as that is defined in these unusual times,” she said. “It may be that communication is through headsets, but it’s been working in other trials so I’m not too concerned about that.”

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