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‘Ice-T Don’t Need No Paternity Test’ – Rapper/Actor’s Daughter is His Twin! 🙂 | PHOTOS

Coco - Chanel Nicole (Ice-T via inset)
Coco – Chanel Nicole & Ice-T (via inset)

*You have no doubt heard or maybe even repeated the phrase, “momma’s baby, daddy’s maybe.” Well, all we can say is it doesn’t apply to rapper/actor Ice-T. Nope. Not as far as his 5-year-old daughter is concerned ’cause she might as well be his twin. Yep, she’s the spitting image of her famous pops.

BTW, Ice-T (real name: Tracy Marrow) was trending on social media all because fans are freaked out over how much Chanel Nicole Marrow and her father look-a-like. It’s more than obvious in the photo mashup above that shows Chanel and her mother, Coco Austin, 42 (plus Ice-T via the inset).

The obvious likeness between father and daughter wasn’t lost on one fan who hilariously wrote: “Ice T don’t need no paternity test” after seeing Chanel and her mom in a snap.

“She is her daddy’s twin,” another fan said after seeing the pics of Chanel and Coco at Rock Fest. “Look how much she’s grown,” another social media follower said. “She is adorable and precious,” the fan continued. “Definitely her Daddy’s twin,” the sperson added.

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If you’re wondering, Chanel Nicole is Ice-T and Coco’s only child together. The famed musician spoke to the NY Post in 2019 about having another child after having already reared adult children.

“It’s been great,” Ice-T said. “Honestly, this is the best one because I’m very focused. I’m healthier than I was at 40 because your brain tells you, ‘I have to be around for this kid. I got things to do.’”

Of course having “things to do” includes his on-going “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” role


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Also, on social media, Ice-T, 63, has also become quite influential on Twitter, as BCK Online reports. In a recent article, the site noted that the Ice man is a fave because of his ability to spit back at his critics with speed and wit.

“One dude said to me, ‘You ain’t going to pull up on nobody,’” Ice-T shared with The Post. “And I said, ‘Why pull up when I can have you brought to me in a trunk,’” the celebrity asked. “People don’t know that I’m seasoned with this because clap-backing is like battle rapping,” Ice-T declared.

Besides Chanel Nicole, Ice-T has two other children, Letesha and Tracy Jr. Miss Chanel Nicole will celebrate her sixth birthday in November.




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