Wednesday, October 20, 2021

TBSN: Black Woman-Owned Sports Network Launches at NBA Finals in Phoenix

TBSN Launches at NBA Finals 2021*(Phoenix, AZ): As LeBron James, Lil Wayne and others gathered in Phoenix, AZ to witness Game 5 of the 2021 NBA Finals, another historic moment was into motion. DC Livers – a veteran sports reporter – preparing to debut TBSN: The Black Sportz Network™,  the nation’s first Black-Owned, Woman-Led sports network.

“There was no better way to launch a network than amid the backdrop of the NBA Finals while joining the nation cheering on two teams filled with competitors who have never won a championship. The hopefulness of the moment was too good to pass up. It was like we were all putting it all on the line with our eyes on the prize,” said DC Livers, Founder & CEO of TBSN.

People around the country have been anticipating official launch after it was announced a few months ago on EUR Web and Radio-Online news outlets. TBSN will merge hip hop and sports and has already attracted the attention of sports notables, celebrities and the sports industry alike. In a video from rapper Yung Joc said of TBSN: “This is big. I feel like I just gave ya’ll some exclusive information.” NBA coach and father Lavar Ball said he can’t wait to be a part of it and others are heralding the move as “monumental” and “groundbreaking.”

TBSN will have broadcasting rights to air professional sports, partner with some of the nation’s biggest sports brands to help them do what no other network does: Attract Generation Z, Millennials and Black audiences.

“TBSN is aware that other networks aren’t committed to racial diversity,” said Livers. “It’s no longer something that Gen Z and Millennials are willing to put up with. Hiring the same old people gets the same old boring shows and with predictable results, Gen Z and Millennials are demanding more. TBSN offers something no other network does: Quality content with a hip hop angle. We’re newer. We’re fresher. We’re younger. It’s the perfect combination for today’s sports lover.”

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DC Livers and Chris Paul - in locker room at Madison Square Garden
DC Livers and Chris Paul

The Black Sportz Network™ plans to provide broadcast radio and TV offerings, print, and digital, AVOD, SVOD, VOD as well as social media including an interactive app and incredible intersection of hip hop and music programming geared for sports fans and African American and urban audiences in the United States, Africa, Black Europe and Brazil.

Days after The Black Sportz NetworkTM (TBSN) announced the successful end of its international search to create the corporate branding agreement by selecting Splendid Design to create the look and feel of what is expected to become a beloved brand among sports lovers and African Americans. The reaction made Livers’ LinkedIn search soar to 2,300%.

“I am excited to help Black-owned brands. I knew that the brand identity would be the most important decision I would make. Still, I couldn’t have imagined that Baldwin and Primitif would take my vision for The Black Sport NetworkTM and create such a special design,” said DC Livers, Founder & CEO of TBSN who launched the network during the global pandemic. “From using West African Adinkra symbols to pay tribute to the global unity that Black Athletes feel to selecting Black and Gold to represent the regal talents to the abstract logo, Splendid Design made the choice simple.”
source: DC Livers



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