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Why The Women On ‘David Makes Man’ Are Important! | WATCH

*This is the year of the Black woman and the ladies on “David Makes Man” are showing us why Black women continue to dominate in all fields, especially onscreen!

The coming-of-age drama is back for a second season on OWN with newcomers Zsané Jhé and Brandi Huzzie joining the cast as Adult Sheila (Jhé) and JG’s girlfriend Tricia (Huzzie). EUR correspondent Ty Cole spoke to the ladies about their love triangle with JG, how fans relate to their characters, and how important female representation is to the show.

 Alana Arenas, Akili McDowell, Cayden K. Williams, David Makes Man
Alana Arenas, Akili McDowell & Cayden K. Williams in ‘David Makes Man’ (2019)

Cole: What can fans expect from your characters this season?

Jhé: There’s a hospital moment – it was intense – in the beginning, and you can see the characters could’ve been friends…Without spoiling it, viewers will see more tense moments between Tricia and Sheila as the series unfolds.

Cole: How will fans connect with both of your characters?

Huzzie: As Brandi, I’m team Sheila all the way! However, I’ve seen the fans who resonate with Tricia and can relate with being the longtime girlfriend who has to fight with the family for respect.

Jhé: …I feel there are fans who may see her as a homewrecker, but there are fans who want JG to assess what’s happening in his life and choose a lane between Tricia and Sheila.

Cole: In one word, describe the women on of “David Makes Man.”

Huzzie: Phenomenal!

Jhé: I would say they are important because how does a boy become a man? It’s the woman who births him and steers him in the right direction. Black women serve a great purpose in rearing our Black boys into men. We’re important!

You can watch the ladies of “David Makes Man” Tuesdays at 9/8c on OWN.

Ty Cole
Ty Cole is an Award-winning Entertainment Reporter based in New York City. With over four years of professional experience, he has worked with many publications and created solid relationships with numerous media professionals in the space. He has covered an array of A-list red carpets for major networks including WE-TV, BET, Freeform, VH1, TV One, Lifetime, ABC, The Oscars, and more.




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