Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ex-St. Louis Cop Randy Hays Sentenced to 4 Years for Beating Black Undercover Detective | VIDEO

A beaten Luther Hall – former cop Randy Hays

*The pendulum of justice can swing fairly, even for Black-Americans. And thank goodness it landed on the right side for Luther Hall earlier this week. The St. Louis Federal Courthouse said former St Louis police officer Randy Hays is guilty for his role in beating the mess out of Hall, an undercover cop posing as a protestor, during the Stockley uprisings back in 2017.

It was a mess: The confusion of four cops twisting their stories one against the other can explain why the trial lasted four weeks, and why it took two days for the jury to come to a decision, and why there was a hung jury at first, reports KSDK channel 5.

Certainly it was trying keeping up with all the he said-she said drama among the cops who each turned on each other.

But once the judge pushed the jurors to “please” decide on the verdict they did, and as a result Hays gets to (quietly or not so quietly) think about his actions during a four year stay in prison. He was found guilty of depriving Luther Hall his civil rights “under the color of law.”

“My first lieutenant told me, ‘Regardless of my actions, I must always take responsibility for those actions,'” Randy Hays said. “The past few years have been very rough on me and my family and my actions on this evening are something I truly regret,” he said.

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Victim impact statement: See below an excerpt from a letter Luther Hall wrote to the judge:

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Victim impact statement excerpted from a letter Luther Hall wrote to the Federal Court judge.

“I’m greatly sorry for the effect they had on Luther Hall and his family as well…As I replay that night in my head, there are so many things I would have done so differently…That evening I chose wrong,” Randy Hays said.

That all sounds good and sweet. Good ole’ boys can seem mighty polite and respectful on the surface of things. Hey is this an example of poker face? Or is it like a valor code, the kind where members can smile in your face politely and then later twist your balls off?

Um, wasn’t he one of the same group of police officers who couldn’t seem to wait for the sun to go down on the eve of the protest and texted among each other exactly this:

“The more the merrier!!! It’s gonna get IGNORANT tonight. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun beating the hell out of these shit heads once the sun goes down and nobody can tell us apart!!!”

Yeah, he was definitely one of ’em. One of the cops looks similar to a big bearded, huge-belly dude in a medieval era arena fight. Hey is that Randy Hall with the Beard? Yep, it’s him.

And of course, the nice judge was touched by all the letters the (gangster?) cop got from friends, his ex-wife and her family who all said Hays (the same guy who admitted he beat the mess out of Hall) was such a good fellow, father and police officer.

“This is a case that calls for accountability and mercy,” Webber said. “It’s a case that pulls at the deepest heartstrings because someone has been injured…

“Then there’s the mercy issue. There’s a cycle of hopelessness and helplessness when a father is taken away from a child.”

Are you wondering hm, that sounds so nice and pleasant? The judge is worried about Hays going to jail and leaving his kid?!

Hey are you accustomed to hearing judges talk like that? Like if it were let’s say Erykah Badu’s Tyrone from “You Better Call Tyrone,” can you imagine a judge saying: well there is the mercy issue; this is a case that calls for accountability and mercy – the angry goon has children at home. Laughable, right?

Well, maybe it’s true he just helped to beat the hell out of Hall because of post traumatic stress from the job? And maybe he really is a nice guy and he’s sorry? (he said all that in court.)

But in the end it all worked out fair and so progress is noted.

“No one hates a bad cop more than a good cop and for those of us in law enforcement its gratifying when we can take a bad cop off the streets,” the prosecution said in a channel 5 press statement

Luther Hall is set to see a $5M settlement due to the results of the trial.




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