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Damon Dash Must Pay $300K After Attorney Comes After Him in Court … Yet Again | VIDEO

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Damon Dash Must Pay $300K

*This is more than interesting (a bit like the 1940s – 6os cartoon Tom & Jerry and kind of like those attorneys who specialize particularly in car accidents). An attorney (Whose name happens to be Chris Brown) has been taking various cases against (or specializing in) Damon Dash. This time, Brown saw to it that Dash has to pay $300,000 to a Black woman, E.W. Brooks, who says the music mogul stole her dream.

“Damon Dash claims to help African-American women while stealing from me and my family. He stole my dream and took my ‘Mafietta’ brand as his own without consent or any credit to me, its creator,” said Brooks.

“I am glad that the Second Circuit was not fooled by the misinformation and misdirection Damon Dash offered them in the appeal. It’s time to move past this and for payment.”

Turns out Dash lost twice to Brooks. This time Dash appealed the first order to pay up when author E.W. Brooks asked the judge to make things right claiming Dash secretly marketed and sold a film about her intellectual property; a four-part “Mafietta” book series. She found out about Dash’s alleged deceit when her project couldn’t move forward.

Allegedly, Damon Dash did what? Really? This sounds pretty sordid; actually scurrilous. Ok we’re moving onto gossip territory. But Page Six said it’s news and just maybe EURweb readers also want to know? So moving forward in a statement the attorney said:

“Damon Dash can no longer run from his scandalous and malicious treatment of E.W. Brooks.”

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And then according to Page Six, Dash’s attorney Natraj Bhushan said:

“We respectfully disagree with the Second Circuit’s summary order. In particular, we think that this court should not have affirmed the speculative damages awarded to Ms. Brooks and, for that reason, we are evaluating other appellate remedies at this time.”

Giggles. This is juicy and it reminds us of –  remember the 1980s TV show “Night Court?” Ok, so this whole saga could totally be a funny “Night Court” Show, right? No really it could!

But that’s not all; the comedy’s not done yet, apparently Page Six has had its ear to Dash regarding similar matters and reports Dash has clapped back at attorney Brown once before saying:

“Every time he files a lawsuit [against me], his suits (speaking of Brown’s clothing) get worse.” I’m so uninspired by his energy and his outfits. The lack of taste to be in court for something this minor and then have to look at this type of [expletive] is disgusting to me,” Dash reportedly said. “He should have the proper respect to dress when I am in the room… If you’re going to try and rob me … do it fly.”

Comedy or what?



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