Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Benzino Decries Lil Nas X’s SameSex Kiss – ‘Fairy Godmother’ Patti LaBelle Approves | VIDEO

the kiss
Lil Naz X performing Montero (Call me by your Name) at the BET Awards show. | Getty Image

*No doubt some people for sure feel some kind of way about Lil Nas X kissing one of his dancers at the recent BET Awards. But, by now we all know that times are changing and a new world is more than awakening. Its busting out of the closet and shining like rays of light from the sun – and guys kissing guys or girls kissing girls in public is totally OK today, right?

So here’s the whole scoop: From what we heard, Benzino (an urban media proprietor) went there; clapping hard at the rapper for that certain kiss. And no it wasn’t just any kiss. It was a piping hot, steamy, same-sex kiss. Lil Naz X did the deed while he performed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and it was like a pharaoh in Egypt scene, naked-tops, costumes and all.

To some it was all the rave (particularly to the LGBTQ crews) and if you’re living in the third decade of the 21st century you’re getting quite familiar with these open expressions.

And in keeping with the new world sunrays theme: the 22-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, and media personality is no different in that sense. He’s a young star burgeoning through the social awakening. And while some (keepers of the old way) die hard in bloody disgrace, others like Patti LaBelle chime in to the rescue like supportive fairy Godmothers do.

So when one of Black Hollywood’s fairy godmothers beams down from her throne to the scene sometimes it looks like this:

“[Just ignore the critics and live your best life out loud and proud]” Patti LaBelle muttered out from satellite waves, let’s say she was far away in Fairy Godmother land (But she was actually on “Urban View” a SiriusXM satellite radio channel) and speaking to directly to Lil Nas X, reports Sandra Rose.

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Perhaps she was concerned about how haters might affect the young artist emotionally and no doubt that’s why (fairy Godmother) LaBelle magically appeared, lovingly at a time of need for the free young’un and with some advice for the Benzino types.

“Don’t dim anybody’s [light], just give the stage and the audience what you have,” LaBelle said (perhaps speaking directly to Benzino) reports Sandra Rose.“ There’s room for everybody,” LaBelle added.

“Some people are intimidated by certain people and there is no need to be. Just do you, and don’t step on anybody’s toes, just do you and God will bless you.”

In a final and more dim note: TMZ reports complaints (only three) were filed at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).




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