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Willow Smith Admits She ‘Felt a Lot of Pressure’ Following in Famous Parents’ Footsteps

willow smith transparent soul video
Willow Smith in video for “Transparent Soul”

*Willow Smith has dropped her new album titled “lately I feel EVERYTHING,” her first punk-rock project after the albums “THE ANXIETY,” “WILLOW” and “The 1st.”

The singer spoke to Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about feeling a lot of pressure when it comes to carving her own identity as the daughter of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith.

“I always just wanted to do right by my parents, and do right by the beauty that they have put in the world, and continue to uplift that beauty and to uphold that beauty,” she told Lowe. “And I felt a lot of pressure. And, because I’m not a minor anymore.”

“I’m finding the freedom to, I can put that beauty in the world. I can uphold that energy,” she added. “And so I’m just figuring that out in all of these different ways, and it’s going to be a journey and there’s more to come.”

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She continued,  “Honestly, I’m still processing it on the human being level. There were a lot of doubts that I had, not even just about this specific album, but just about my career in general, my musical career in general. I followed my joy and I followed my heart, and I feel like it took us to a really beautiful spot,” she said. “I’m in a place of disbelief right now. For so much of my musical career, I was just overthinking everything, and being so just stressed about things that really I didn’t need to stress about.”

“For this album, even in the content, even when I was talking about back in the day, and I still hold that divine content in my heart and my soul, but you don’t really need to be excavating what the meaning of life is all the time in your music,” she added. “So that can get a little heavy sometimes. So I just wanted to, just like you said, separate myself from those emotions while also just looking at them from a bird’s eye point of view, and diving into that playfulness, diving into that, give no f—s.”

Willow has been wanting to do a punk album “since I was literally 12.”

“This has been brewing inside of me for a long time,” she said.

Will Smith shared a photo of her album cover on Instagram, writing “My Bean! Congratulations on this BEAUTIFUL evolution of your artistry!!” Check out the post below.


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