Sunday, August 14, 2022

Black Ohio Woman Running for GOP Congressional Seat: ‘Stop Judging Every White Person as a Villain’ (Watch)

Ruth Edmonds
Tucker Carlson cheesin’ with Ohio GOP congressional candidate Ruth Edmonds on his Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (July 15, 2021)

*Fox News’ Tucker Carlson giddily heralded Ohio GOP congressional candidate Ruth Edmonds on his show Thursday, because her narrative on America’s racism matches those of his and other conservatives … that people of color who point out racism and racial discrimination are less about exposing truths and fighting for equal rights, and more about “excuses” and playing the victim.

“Caucasians are not villains and they’re not oppressors and brown-skinned people are not victims and we’re not oppressed,” said Edmonds, who is running for Ohio’s 15th district. The former president of the NAACP’s Columbus chapter also said in her political ad that it’s time to “stop judging every White person as a villain,” adding that Americans must come together as “one nation under God” once again – as if that’s something POC can alone control.

Edmonds said she realized her values aligned with the GOP platform after embracing the power of perseverance and hard work handed down from her grandmother, who raised her from birth in Baltimore, Maryland. “She taught me the principles and values and ethics of hard work and perseverance and faith in God and taking advantage of opportunities when they come and not allowing barriers to be excuses,” she told Tucker. “So, yes, I can say that brown-skinned people are not victims because we’re not.”

Edmonds described the left’s “attack” on America’s founding as “terrible” and encouraged people to speak out against it. “We have to defend this great nation.”

Watch below … on an empty stomach:




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