Wednesday, July 6, 2022

DaBaby Responds to Backlash to Him Reprimanding Candy-Selling Black Kids [VIDEO]


*DaBaby is catching heat on Twitter for reprimanding candy-selling kids for overcharging him while he was in New York for the ESPY Awards.

Here’s more from Uproxx:

Sharing the video to his Instagram Story Sunday, DaBaby apparently intended to teach the kids a lesson in fair business ethics after they tried to charge him $200 for a box of Gushers. The boys told the rapper that their rate was $2 for each individual bag of candy but DaBaby noted that the boxes only contained 34 bags, prompting a quick math tutorial. “What’s 34 multiplied by two, my boy?” he presses them. “It ain’t $200! It’s not even $100. It’s $68.”

One Twitter user who shared the clip wrote, “Shorties missed out on their blessing after tryna finesse DaBaby.”

Watch the moment via the clip below.

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“You gotta use your head, you tried to play me,” DaBaby said after giving each kid just $2 for three bags of candy. “I was gonna bless you anyway. You would have gotten the $200 but now you got $2. Y’all be good.”

Some fans took to Twitter and expressed their disappointment in DaBaby for how he handled the situation. One user wrote, “so da baby will spend $1000 on hats from a white girl and won’t spend $200 with some black youth.”

Another posted, “I just cried a lil bit for them boys man I really hope they don’t see themselves being humiliated on the internet like that. I wish there was a way we could raise some bread for them bc them babies ain’t deserve that. At all.”

A third commented, “Why would you as a black man go and violate two black boys selling snacks on the street? You’re supposed to give them some change and tell them to keep the snacks so they can hold onto more inventory. Dababy is a fucking bozo I want the worst for him.” 

Another Twiter user came to the rapper’s defense, writing  “Da Baby was tryna buy some candy and bless the youngins, once they saw who he was they tried to finesse and charge him $200 for a box of candy that probably doesn’t retail for $30 and even at $2 a piece doesn’t resell for over $100. He declined. Ain’t no story there.”

Another agreed, writing “The fact that people are mad at Da Baby, is what’s wrong with kids today.”

One Twitter user said “That video of Da Baby is such loser shit to me cuz anyone from around the way know what it is. When I see kids in the parking lot, I just give them the money tbh. I dont even bother harassing them with 21 questions. I hate the idea of kids have to sell shit whether it’s to get by.”

Peep the clip below to hear DaBaby’s response to his encounter with the young males.

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