Friday, September 30, 2022

Jill Scott on Her Musical Career, Fame, Wellness App and Returning to Performing | LISTEN

Jemele Hill - Jill Scott
Jemele Hill – Jill Scott

*In the latest episode of Spotify’s “Jemele Hill is Unbothered,” singer and actress Jill Scott joins Jemele for a wide-ranging, candid conversation about her musical career, the fears she has as a black woman raising a black son, and the aspirations she has beyond music and performing.

Jill also reflects on her debut album “Who is Jill Scott?” turning 20 years old and how the pandemic has forced her to create more balance in her life.

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Key Moments: Jemele Hill is Unbothered – Episode 148

0:55: Jemele weighs in on ESPN Rachel Nichols / Maria Taylor story

20:30: On her upbringing, wanting to be an English teacher and psychologist before wanting to become a recording artist.

26:00: On meeting Questlove at a poetry reading.

28:00: On creating her debut album “Who is Jill Scott?”

31:25: Reflects on the 20th anniversary of “Who is Jill Scott?”

33:15: Discusses the first time she felt famous being recognized at a Macy’s and feeling the anxiety that comes with fame.

36:00: On struggling with fame – losing friendships and going through difficult periods with her family because of it.

41:00: On how she stays grounded and balances touring, having a family and enjoying the little things.

53:00: Discusses her fears of raising a Black son and having thoughts of potentially leaving the country.

56:00: On her new podcast “J.ill the Podcast”

1:08:30: Discusses her plans to return to touring.

1:10:00: On her Versuz battle with Erykah Badu, and the idea of potentially collaborating in the future.

1:15:00: On her second album “Beautifully Human” and how she created it while struggling with fame and wanting people to not like the album.

1:17:00: Discusses her new wellness app “True Voice.”

1:20:00: Jemele weighs in on the BET Awards and Lil Nas X




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