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WeezyWTF Explores the Business of Sex with Fuse Show ‘Sex Sells’: ‘We’re All Nasty’ [EUR Exclusive]

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*After an eight-year stint in corporate America, media personality WeezyWTF left office life for a career focused on showcasing sex-positive stories and conversations as co-host of the popular podcast, Whoreible Decisions.

Now she’s hosting a provocative new series on Fuse called “Sex Sells” that explores the different ways people have built businesses around sex — without having it  — by celebrating and spotlighting how sex can be entrepreneurial and empowering.

We caught up with WeezyWTF to dish about her career, how the show celebrates sex-focused businesses and de-stigmatizes and why this is timely in today’s pop culture. Check out our Q&A with the sexy influencer below.

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Was there one single event that triggered your exit from corporate America? Or did you just kind of wake up one morning and like, “You know what? I’m done. I’ve had enough.”

WeezyWTF – I think we’ve all wanted to have those mornings where we can wake up and have enough, right? But really, for me, the reason I was doing both was because of money. I was making well over six figures, enough to where it was not going to serve me a purpose to leave for some podcast. But what started to happen was the trajectory of the podcast started climbing higher than my corporate America job. And I’m a betting woman, and when I realized that this is moving faster than my nine to five, I’ve got to go. And to be frank, the real moment that happened were just people recognizing me while I was out on client meetings.

I was installing Ethernet and going on sales engineering calls. And There’s a very popular store and brand in Soho, and Los Angeles and Tokyo. When I walked in the door… I know my demographic is young Black, right? And the girl looked at me and I was like, “Uh oh.” And she was like, “Are you Weezy?” And I was like, “Damn it.” And my boss was like, “What?”

So there were a lot of instances where people would really recognize me from the show. Even at that point, we didn’t have an HBO documentary. We had a lot of Viceland articles and little things that were happening. So it just became time to try something new and it’s worked out.

So do you still, co-host the podcast, Whoreible Decisions?

Absolutely. We’re in the top 1% most listened to in the world. I’m signed to the Black Effect Network under Charlamagne Tha God. We’d been Indy for a long time, and we just recently started that alliance over quarantine because we stopped touring.

Whoreible Decisions is a podcast that de-stigmatizes kink for the Black community. It was built on the premise of two corporate women being able to talk about sex freely. Because of the success of the podcast, we actually ended up being two businesswomen toward the end of it, two entrepreneurs. We’ve made so many different streams of income from touring live, speaking engagements, merchandising, crowdfunding, advertisements, all of it, that it’s literally built a different business acumen for me and it’s why I felt so qualified to do SEX SELLS.

Sex Sell debuted on Fuse in June. For those who have not yet seen it,  what can viewers expect to see?

So throughout my journey of doing Horrible Decisions, I too was the girl that would have a little bit of whorephobia, which is basically when we get this hierarchy of like, “Well, I’ll do this, but not that.” Or, “I’ll have a sugar daddy, but I won’t be an escort.” And at the end of the day, it’s all sex work. And I’ve really learned that these women and men that work in sex are not someone to be taken like their bottom tier, right. They’re making great money, marketing themselves, having to protect themselves, hire out. They’re true entrepreneurs.

And I really wanted the world to see them in a way where they could learn from them. And one of my favorite moments on the show was a girl that does a twerking class teaching us about SEO. And I mean, it could work for anybody. There’s not one business feature on the show that doesn’t have a piece of advice that could work for anyone else, whether it be somebody working in e-commerce, an Instagram model, literally a bank. Anybody can take the advice from these sex workers. At the end of the day, it’s all business. But we look at it like it’s so taboo obviously because it has to do with sex when really it’s respectable work that they do and a job.


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The notes that I received about the series describe it as “Sex-positive stories are explored on this show.” And I thought, “Sex-positive? What does that mean?” How do you define sex-positive stories?

Well, for one, it’s not necessarily stories. I do want to say that. This is a show about the business of entrepreneurs that make money from sex without having it. And I came up with that logline and tagline because that’s really what this is. Show people, share stories about… Actually, no. I don’t really know if they do. This is a show about you learning about the business of sex. When you watch the first episode, and you’re talking to an Only Fans model about her feet, she’s not talking about guys that want to suck her toes. She’s talking about how she markets her toes for men that will pay for them, about the business platforms that she’s using, about how she has to take care of her body and her feet in order to make money from them.

This is not my podcast where people are going on there and telling their dirty stories more than it is really how they make money. Sex-positivity, to me, is anything that blankets itself under the liberation of sex, where we celebrate it, no matter what it is, right? It’s the girl who’s having a one-night stand and instead of us judging her, we’re like, “You better get it.” That is sex positivity to me.

So what can you tell us about some of the guests featured? 

We’ve got a celebrity lineup. We have Young M.A, Donnell Rawlings, Rico Nasty. My favorite guest was my mother, who did a phone sex class, didn’t know she was going to do it. And it was hilarious because she was way too good at it. And I was so confused. But she was probably better than the teacher, it felt like. She could have taught the class. And another really fun episode… And that episode in particular was learning about education. So each episode is topic by, let’s just say, a certain genre of the business. And then we’ll basically break down those in between.

So for example, the education episode was about a phone sex teacher and people that sell courses to teach others how to do something. The Charlamagne episode is all about feet. So you’ll meet a man called The Foot-tographer, who takes pictures of women’s feet, make B-roll, amazing videos. He’s known for being like the foot godfather and teaching girls how to do this. One of my personal favorites was the episode called V-jay Day. And it’s basically all about how people make money from the vagina without selling it. And it’s all of these different spas that teach you how to do your Kegel muscles, or how to get a vaginal steam or get a wax. But basically, people are making money off of the business of vaginas. 

There’s a dominatrix on there who talks about, how during COVID, she didn’t get to interact with clients. So she was doing zoom calls, dominating men, people you’ll never have to see. And I think we always wonder what that world is like. We know it’s there, but to be able to find out how much people are making, just to even know they’re making more than teachers is a thing.

I just love Rico Nasty. What’s she doing in her episode?

I don’t want to give away her episode. Some celebrities join me as I visit a business and we learn about the business together. So, Donnell Rawlings, there’s a little clip of him in the trailer, but you’ll see him putting rope on me. I took him to a dungeon and we learned about bondage. Rico’s episode is very special. It is my favorite episode of the season. However, when people watch it, they’ll love it. Rico’s just Rico. Right? She’s so much fun. And I think she’s always been hyper-sexual in her music and so bad-ass that, you’re like, “Oh shit, what’s she going to do on here?” But she was great, and so open to learning, and just super warm and welcoming. So yeah. I honestly think everybody’s favorite will be my mom talking about sucking dick on the phone, but second bet would be Rico.

Was there a business or an individual who’s in the sex-selling business that you wanted as a guest on this series?

So to be honest with you over the last four years of doing my podcast, most of these businesses I had already encountered at some point in time. For one, most of the businesses are Black, if not woman-owned. That was number one. The most important thing to me was to represent Black small businesses. The Black dollar only stays in the community for six hours, as opposed to the white, which is like 24 days. And so when you look at statistics like that with us needing to make sure we’re sharing the wealth and spending it together and keeping it in our communities, it was very important for me to use Black sex workers at the forefront.

There are a lot of shows that have come out, HBO’s Real Sex, that highlight sex workers, and they’re always white and they always shine them in this super, pretty light. And I feel like, with Black women and men, we never get to see that. Or a lot of times they’re called streetwalkers or this and that. So it was very important to highlight that these Black businesses were just as elite and amazing. The one for me that was my favorite to interview with an Asian-owned business that I’ve been going to for four years, a small business where I got waxed on camera. And for me, it was so important to go to her business because she has started from the bottom, on Groupons doing waxes to then getting three locations. And her son is there taking the calls and you really see how this family-operated business works.

And literally, whether she realizes it or not, this is all about sex, right? Girls are coming in to get facials on their vaginas and waxes and this and that, from this little old lady. And it’s adorable. And I just love that the show could even be multi-generational because it’s not as salacious as we’re all thinking. Yeah, you’re going to see me get whipped and chained, but there’s also real family business going on and it’s super amazing to watch.


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In what ways does this series de-stigmatize sexuality?

I think what really de-stigmatizes it is that you now see that it’s a true, respectable business, right? From what I know and what we’ve all learned is that selling your body is bad, or selling sex is bad, or being too sexual is bad. And when you see the acumen that these entrepreneurs have, it’s handled in the same way as any other business owner has, right? Whether it be having to file taxes, do the accounting, marketing themselves, paying for advertising, safety, and security, even health courses, right? One of the dominatrixes how to take some medical courses because people are passing out. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on from what they do, and just because they may not have a college degree in the way for their field as we know it, these people are still highly educated at their craft and have been doing it for a while and are successful at it. Not one person in here doesn’t do well for themselves, their needs and other side gigs. This is what they do because they’re that good at it.

Why is this show timely in today’s pop culture climate?

I think that SEX SELLS it’s so important because, one, we’re just getting more comfortable about sex. But not for real. Not as it comes to this business. And I truly believe that I’m one of the best people to relay this message because, one, this is how I make money, right? I talk about blowjobs and this and that and the embarrassing stories about condoms going missing inside of me. And I’ve been making money from sex, talking about this for four years, been able to take care of my family, buy a home, do all this shit, from the same thing that these people do. And I think in this moment, we keep seeing people that have all of these odds and ends jobs that don’t necessarily need a degree that are making them millionaires, and we know it’s happening, but I really needed people to see it for themselves. And because I’m one of those people, and I could interview my kinfolk, that was what made it so special, and I think so necessary.

How many years have you been hosting your podcast?

Four and a half.

So after four and a half years of talking about sex on the internet and now combine that with hosting this show, are you surprised at all these days by what you hear from your guests?

I will say I had an episode recently with a woman named Tiana that talks about her 30th birthday. This is one of the most jarring things I’ve ever heard. And I was judgment-free, but this really blew my mind. For her 30th birthday, she wanted people to have a love feast on her. So she put sushi all over her body, soy sauce in between her legs, where people would basically, with their mouths, eat the sushi, dip it in between and her vagina and have their meal on her. And then after they feasted on her, she wanted 30 people to enter her with their fingers, their genitals, or another object for two minutes each until she reached the number 30, like her birthday. And at the end, her boyfriend finished with her.

And I was so in shock hearing this story. I don’t know why, but she just said it so eloquently, which made it even better. If anyone ever sees this clip, she’s like, “And then my partner Ryan put cock his in my mouth and it was just such a beautiful moment.” It was one of the crazy stories I had ever heard, hands done. That was good.

I’m assuming this happened before COVID?

I’m not sure. Maybe. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it did. But it was just one of the funniest stories I’ve heard. And what’s funnier about this is, even I made the joke, oh, I know her boyfriend white. We have this joke in our podcast that everybody thinks certain kinks or whatever is WPS, white people shit. But it’s not. Black people do this same thing. And even when I was growing up, my mom would tell me the same thing. “You can’t be doing this. That’s what white girls do.” But it’s not true. We’re all nasty. I think that we just haven’t seen the world of kink for people of color, really. It just hasn’t been something on TV. Or 50 Shades of Gray, we’ve never expected it to be for us. And so when Tiana came on and told that story, I was like, “Oh my God. This is the right job.” That’s what I felt.

How often do you find yourself sharing your own sexual experiences or mishaps? Will we see any of that this show?

This is not really a story of sex. I mean, I did naked yoga. I was out there. Actually one of the most beautifully shot episodes that I’m most proud of was a sex club called NSFW. And it’s a friend of mine. He’s a Puerto Rican bi man, amazing dude named Daniel Saint. And he started this community of sex clubs globally. And we get to take one camera in there, no big lights, just the red light in the sex club and follow through what it’s like to be in a sex club. And I actually got in bed with people and asked them how they were feeling, what it was like, if it was their first time, who did they have their eye on. One couple I had on a mask with. That’s what they preferred. Another guy was comfortable with me taking it off. It was just so interesting to see how it works in this point in time.

But yeah, I mean, I definitely get vulnerable in this series and it really is a reflection of who I am, right? I have completely put, if not my body on the line, every story I’ve had. I’ve talked about silly things that happened in college like me accidentally peeing in a guy’s bed when I was drunk. There’s a bunch of stuff I said on horrible decisions. And now it’s just the older version of me being just as vulnerable learning with the audience. And it’s such an important show. I really believe that. Not just because it’s mine, but when people see that everyone is normal, that’s really what it is. When you go to the sex club and you see that the couple you’re talking to is a doctor and a girl that works in PR, they’re not who you think. You’re not walking into porn stars. There’s people that are right next to you on the train that are doing crazy shit too. It’s not some outlandish thing.

I’m curious how individuals who are in the business of selling sex, how they have been impacted by the COVID pandemic. Does this series explore that at all?

Yeah, for sure. There’s a lot of conversation around interfacing and how things are different. Actually, I think the financial dominatrix, she does ATM meetups. And I think we talked about COVID. I don’t know if they left it in there, but she said something along the lines of, “They’re down on the ground, they got a mask on anyway.” And she was like… And a lot of them just send her CashApp payments. Literally, her job had become easier. Right? And then phone sex for one, for people that are now working from home and don’t necessarily want to use webcams. I thought phone sex with a dead business because you’ve got webcam girls, you can look at them. But there’s still an art to that, right? Being able to talk to someone and flirting. And she talks about that. There’s also a lot of conversations surrounding COVID as far as the sex club, which is very interesting, sanitation, vaccination cards, bodily fluid exchange. It’s weird, but yeah.

I know you mentioned OnlyFans, and there’s been a lot of controversy about celebrities taking over the Only Fans space and making it hard for girls in the sex industry to make money. 

I’ve got some thoughts about that too. But I think the most interesting thing to learn is that Only Fans is a crowdfunding platform, and it’s not necessarily a porn site. Although we think it is, it’s really not. They have a documentary on Hulu where the CEO discusses that. He’s like, “That’s why we have on a bunch of rappers now releasing albums because this is crowdfunding. We have less stipulations, the way that the interface is, it’s easier to look at photos. But it turned into that.” It wasn’t meant for that.

You can catch “Sex Sells” on Fuse TV. Check out the first episode here

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