Sunday, July 3, 2022

Shara Prophet: That Background App is Draining Your Energy / VIDEO

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Shara Prophet

*There is a program that is always running in the background that sends us messages that can either keep us bound in pain and mediocrity or propel us into freedom.

We leak our energy when we allow ourselves to get consumed by the things that are happening in the World around us and the ruminating thoughts in our mind. We become ragged, tired, and drained when the mind is stayed on something that is not for us and is not of our nature.

This is a sign of an untrained mind. A mind that is easy to bend. Strengthening our ability to stay focused on the things that we want to be successful at can help to redirect our energy in a more healthy and beneficial way.

To start the process of redirecting the energy it is important take time and sit in our discomfort, regardless of what it feels like. We then must ask the right or hard question:

“Why is this bothering me so much?” “Am I enough?” “When was the first time I felt/thought/experienced this?”

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It is in these questions we can find the point of origin of our discomfort and begin to dismantle the foundation of our pain through simply giving it a name, facing it head on, and doing the work to clear the path for forward movement.

As the Gods and Goddesses of our own life, we wield the power to shift all energy in our favor for our highest good. We can change the background app information to messages that nurture, expand, and heal us in our journey.

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Shara Prophet

Shara Prophet, C.Ht. is a speaker, expert lecturer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mystic and author of The B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Manifestation Workbook. She specializes in personal development and behavior modification, is the founder of Open Door Hypnosis and The Mind Magic Institute. Shara created The Mind Magic Minute column to teach people “cheat codes” to living a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life. She was recently featured on OWN in the Dark Girl’s 2 Documentary.




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