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Kool & the Gang Asks for Love and Peace in ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Single | VIDEO

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Kool & the Gang

*OMG, it’s a robot cartoon! Kool & The Gang’s “Pursuit of Happiness” video starts off a little confusing (see below). You can’t quite figure out what to do with it. It’s like — is this thing on? Where’s the sound coming from? Wait, oh this is interesting. Keep watching, you get into it. It’s special actually; it’s about change; love and inclusion, world-peace and happiness. It’s about Kool & The Gang’s new album Perfect Union, out August 20, 2021 on Omnivore Recordings.

So, these unsmiling zombie-like robots, living in a miserable-grey world get shelled out glasses (In the beginning we see one of the robots computing how to change the world and designs the glasses). The eyewear works and suddenly causes the robots to see everything around them in color and the world (including fish in the sea) is smiling and happy again.

Meanwhile Kool & the Gang (on the soundtrack) is singing and rapping an upbeat happy tune (Pursuit of Happiness | Rap Version) dreaming of good leaders, the good life and peace. In the end the carton robots and sea creatures (now living the good life) are smiling and singing along with the music too.

Snippet of the lyrics:

“I want to live in a world full of peace, if you do then pull up a seat. I want the good life – no more living strife I want the dog, the kids, the house, the wife. I want to live in tranquility. So please don’t bring bad news to Khalis. ‘Cause everybody mad even if the day’s sunny; pissed off, stressed out, funked-up over money. They say [Money] can’t buy you love – yes it could. I see it going-on-around-the-world-in-every-hood. I want to live in a world full of peace…

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Yeah so, no kidding this is touching. Kool & the Gang (releasing their first album since 2011 and its official video / the robot-cartoon) is back on the scene again with “Perfect Union” produced by Kool’s bother Khalis Bell who died last year.

As reported on Soul Tracks: Of the group’s new album and of the late Khalis Bell here’s what Kool had to say:

“My brother, Khalis, wrote the single ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ around the time of Obama’s second campaign for president. That was such an inspirational time and the hook and music just bolted out of him,” Kool said.

“That time period was a pretty creative period for him and all of us. Now that he has passed, that name, Perfect Union” makes even more sense to me. It’s about us. He used to say we were the koolective genius of a band called Kool & the Gang. We came together as kids and it’s been a perfect union and he knew that.” 

Kool & the Gang is best known for their Iconic hits “Celebration,” “Ladies Night,” “Get Down On it,” “Jungle Boogie,” “Summer Madness,” and “Open Sesame.”

Perfect Union Track list:
1. Pursuit Of Happiness
2. The Weekend
3. Leave It On The Dance Floor
4. High
5. Sexy (Where’d You Get Yours)
6. All To Myself
7. R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. (Kool & The Gang Mix)
8. Hold On
9. Good Time
10. Pursuit Of Happiness (Rap Version)



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