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Patti LaBelle Receives A Surprise from Lee Daniels on Monday’s ‘Tamron Hall’ / WATCH

Patti LaBelle & Tamron Hall
Patti LaBelle & Tamron Hall

*On the Monday, July 12 edition of “Tamron Hall,” legendary singer, actress and businesswoman Patti LaBelle joins Tamron to celebrate the special 20th anniversary edition of her cookbook, LaBelle Cuisine.

The chart-topping artist discusses her culinary business, shares insight as to why she felt she needed a backup plan despite her wildly successful music career and explains why, during the pandemic, she continued to bring the “glam” while cooking.  During the interview, LaBelle is surprised and delighted with video messages from some of her biggest fans, including award-winning filmmaker Lee Daniels and renowned chef Carla Hall (scroll down to watch).

In honor of the 20th anniversary of LaBelle’s cookbook, Lee Daniels surprised Patti with a special video message:

“I get this call at one o’clock in the morning from Lenny Kravitz, who knows how much I love Patti and how obsessed I am with LaBelle, vintage LaBelle. And he tells me ‘Come down to my house right away.’ I said, ‘Dude, it’s one o’clock in the morning, my kids are here.’ ‘Well, bring the kids, it’s important. I got a surprise.’ So I get there, I walk into his kitchen, and there is Patti frying chicken, Nona [Hendryx] making potato salad and Sarah [Dash] making biscuits. I almost pass out, the kids are already passed out, and then we start singing their songs. I wish that we had the phones that video recorded. It was something that I will never forget. And it was magic.”

LaBelle on why she felt she needed a backup plan:

“I mean I love to sing but it’s always good to have a plan B, just in case singing failed. And my plan B was cooking and I didn’t know it was gonna get like this but it got like this and I’m blessed and happy.” She continued, “It’s like I said, if your plan one doesn’t work, plan two might work. And, I’m lucky at 70…how old am I? 77 to have this second wonderful life as a cook, a chef… a pie maker. All of this stuff, it wasn’t planned, but it happened.”

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LaBelle on if she considers herself a businesswoman in addition to a singer:

“I’ve always known that I was a business person, and I have a great team like I said with me and my son is always putting ideas in my head. And whenever something happens, of course, I have the last say so with any of my products. So business is my life, business is my life.” LaBelle adds, “No one else can say it like I can – yes or no to the product. And quality is my first goal, it has to be quality. Quantity is fine if it’s quality with it.”

LaBelle on her business advice:

“I walk away from deals if they’re wrong. And there’s definitely some lucrative deals for me, but I didn’t believe in it. So I can’t do anything unless I believe in it totally. So I say no to money if it’s not a good product. No to the dollar.”

LaBelle on always looking her best, even during the pandemic:

“During the pandemic, I always brought it. I didn’t get the sweat suits, I didn’t get the sneakers. I was in pumps and fierce drag, cooking in the kitchen, because I never went out. Yeah, I stay glam honey, you gotta stay glam.”

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