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Ice Cube VS Warner Bros: Production Woes, Rights or the Ax? | VIDEO

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*After his recent thrust into Black (political) leadership, it looks like the American entertainer Ice Cube is still striving to make bombastic moves. This time, check out his courage in a feud with Warner Bros studios. It’s all about the latest installment of the “Friday” Franchise. In the thick of script and property right riffs, Warner Bros told Ice Cube try again – it ain’t funny and it don’t quite hit the mark. But like the late 1960s TV show “Get Smart” character Agent 86, Ice Cube said that’s just the old ‘holding off’ productions trick.

If Ice Cube is right, like Agent 86 this would’ve been the second time he fell for it (the old trick). Since the “Last Friday” 2012 production green light, two of Ice Cube’s drafts were sent back to him – each highlighting directives that meant the deal couldn’t move forward, yet. Warner Bros couldn’t see what was so funny about seeing “Last Friday” set in a prison. When Ice Cube tried again the studio said this one doesn’t quite do it either.

Perhaps a little frustrated and suspicious Ice Cube turned the discussion up a notch. Ice Cube wants a little more than just getting the production started, he wants the movie rights.  Not just to the “Friday” Franchise but also to “All About the Benjamins”, and “The Players Club” too.

Was that a demand? It was for sure a great asking. In response, Warner Bros said no and called the request “extortionate.” But they still want to make the movie with him, anyway.

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And there’s the other side to this: Warner Bros said it’s Ice Cube that causing the production hold-up.

“For nearly a decade we have expressed unwavering support for a “Friday” sequel, even as the years passed between the two scripts,” a Warner Bros representative said according to Wall Street Journal (WSJ). “[the hold up] is due to [Ice Cube’s] own delays.”

The Burbank-based studio denied fault for holding off production and said Ice Cubes focus on Big3 basketball league and his other endeavors are the true reason for film’s delay.

Does it really matter who’s the culprit for the hold up if Warner Bros still wants to make the movie and they just want a tighter script? Or is there something left unsaid. Does Ice Cube want control so he can make the move just how he wants it, without Warner Bros’ decree that his jail set won’t work?

“I’m going to go somewhere else and make a hit and embarrass them,” Ice Cube said.

What happens next should prove interesting. Will Warner Bros take a second look – regarding the rights? And if not, Will Ice Cube go some where else? Would he, really? Can he?

Yes, interesting and we’ll just have to wait and see.




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