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Trina Braxton Says Towanda’s Not Broke, Dishes on the Sisters, Marriage, Cheating & Hot Sauce

Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton Rockin Her New Look

*In an exclusive interview, original Braxton party girl, Trina Braxton tells radio and TV personality and EUR Spotlight host Jazmyn Summers that the reports of sis Towanda Braxton losing her home to foreclosure and going broke are totally false.   Near the end of the “Braxton Family Values” 2011 season, Towanda, her two children and her wasbund Andre Carter were evicted after their home went into foreclosure. They moved in with Towanda’s older sister, Toni. Recently rumors arose that she was going through that again.  Not true says Trina deading that rumor.

“I was just at her house the other day and she’s doing good. I saw her beautiful house myself,” Trina tells EUR Spotlight.  There were no boxes being packed.

As for the other sisters,  she’s loving Toni’s new look with the bald head.  “She’s in her 50s. I’m in my 40s.  I got to get my diet on.  I can’t blame this weight on menopause.”

She tells Spotlight that Toni thought the bald head might be a little too much, but Trina strongly encouraged her.

She still worries about Tay Tay, Tamar Braxton, who attempted suicide in the last episode. “Mental health affects everyone – whether it be through death or divorce and no one is exempt. Just cuz someone is in the limelight, you think they’re on top of the world but you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. From what I see she’s in a good place now but jus cuz we’re sisters doesn’t mean everything is divulged”  she shares with Spotlight,  “you got to check on your well friends too. Sometimes the most because they are the ones who act like nothing is ever wrong. They’re on a cloud 9  but they’re dealing with things in silence and end up in the hospital or being harmful to themselves and those around them.”

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Her latest movie ” Sisters and the Shrink 2″ on Amazon Prime deals with cheating that brought up painful childhood memories for her.

“My dad was a minister. My mom a first lady and dad had a relationship outside of the marriage.  My world was shattered, I lost my faith for a second.”,  She reveals.  “Every Sunday he’s in church preaching and because of that, I married the first man that got some bootie so I wouldn’t go to hell .  If he hadn’t cheated,  I would have made some different choices in my life.  Like after I got divorced, I went back to my first wasbund even though it wasn’t a good marriage.  I was like I’m not dying and going to hell.”  She chalks the issues in that marriage up to immaturity. “We met at 15,  had our first son at 19, got married at 20, had another kid at 21, and got divorced at 24.”

Trina Braxton Gets Engaged

trina braxton - sisters & mother
Trina Braxton, her sisters and mother

Now she’s married for the third time.

“It’s pretty amazing  I get to have sin free sex.  I never thought I would do it again but he got me down the aisle. He’s  a little bit older and he wasn’t looking for anything fly by night. He was looking for a real relationship,” she gushes. Her advice to the ladies?  “Keep people out of your business.  everyone doesn’t want to see your happiness. sometimes people see your happiness thinking that if you can be happy with him maybe I can be happy with him too.”

Trina says, “Im looking forward to finally growing old with someone. and not have to worry about getting on this single rodeo again.”  She’s still friends with her second wasbund despite his infidelity. “I used to help him swipe online.” She tells Jazmyn.

Trina Braxton and ex-husband, Gabe Solis,

Trina has given up singing.

“I’m taking testerone pellets because of menopause so I’m a whole octave lower…I fell in love with being an entrepreneur. ”

And my girl is busy promoting her amazing hot sauce which comes in 3 different flavors, bourbon, essence candles and getting her restaurant Barchixx in Atlanta back open.  You can find the latest and order her dope products at

“Braxton Family Values” was one of the top running reality shows since — when it debuted.  No word yet on if there will be an eighth season. and she divulges that “Unfortunately,  none if it was fake ” the drama, the sister beef was real and we would take that home with us and we’d be like why did you wait to tell me that on TV but we would always resolve it.” Trina says fortunately there’s no beef with anyone right now. But stay tune.

For the full exclusive interview and all the tea check out the video, above.

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Jazmyn Summers

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