Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ava Dash and Conor Kennedy ‘Good Hair Don’t Care’ if You Know | PHOTO

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Ava Dash and Conor Kennedy AP Getty

*This may sound like a royal American who’s-doing-who. Kind of like how the Brits do it. But follow along and you’ll see, the royal connection is sort of true.

Ava Dash and Conor Kennedy were rumored dating last year and we’re told it’s confirmed. Because Ava leaked her own photos on Instagram, recently. (EUR Alert: Sneak peak photo below.)

The Royal connection:
21-year-old, Ava Dash is the daughter of rapper Damon Dash and fashion designer Rachel Roy. Dash and Roy were married and split-up in 2009. Rachel was rumored as Jay-Z’s “Becky,” the mysterious woman and failed home wrecker Beyoncé mentioned in her 2016 “Lemonade” album. Rachel said the rumors aren’t true. But whether the rumors were false or not, she got unrelenting press about it. When Rachel took to Instagram and said “Good hair don’t care, Beehive fans thought it was an admission of guilt and they were so upset the threats got ugly.

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IMG_6938 (2)Next up: 26-year-old, Conor Kennedy. Conor is no-less-than the grandson of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and a great-nephew to former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. And he’s also known for dating pop singer Taylor Swift.

American royalty enough? You could certainly make a strong argument, we’d say.

So, anyway – by her own efforts ( as our royal subject #1) Ava is seen on a boat in Southampton, NY. And she’s cuddled-up with (our royal subject #2) Conor. And it’s a wrap. According to Sandra Rose, Ava Dash and Conor Kennedy are happily dating and they’re no doubt comfortable that we know – at least about the cuddles.



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