Friday, October 7, 2022

Black TIK TOK Strike Gets Support from Black Content Factory Which Seeks $1 Billion Black Creators Fund

Black Content Factory

*For the past four years, Black Content Factory has been working hard behind-the-scenes to erect an economic wall around the dollars of Black women and Black Content Creators.

The level of Content Theft taking place by mainstream media, big tech companies and others is astounding, according to DC Livers, Founder and CEO of The Black Content Factory which fights economic racism through entrepreneurship.

“I’lll never forget when I ran my ideas and the name of the new project past an ally who immediately said the name was horrible. That actually made me know immediately that it was perfect. Black Content Factory has been working closely with Black professional athletes, Black coaches and others to help reshape the future of technology and lessen the ability for people to encroach upon it and steal it. We’ve been working with a legal group and are considering a Class Action lawsuit against Big Tech companies like Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and others stop the practice non-Black people call “Liquid Money,” a term they came up with to say they feel that African Americans born in the United States are free money.

DC Livers
DC Livers

Livers also points out a troubling trend by first generation Black immigrants like Nigerians whose parents came to the US to ensure their children would be American while moving their families to largely White neighborhoods so they wouldn’t be insider “American Blacks” to “hide in Blackness and extract the money earmarked for #ADOS and “Black Americans” while not considering themselves a Black American.

“While there are many examples like the woman who hijacks Black culture for profit at The Shade Room or people like Emmanuel Acho who arrogantly snubbed his nose at American Blacks by appearing on Ellen in May 2021 saying, “I’m Black by skin but Nigerian by Culture.” He went on to present Nigerians as a perferred Black vs American Blacks.

“It was the most offensive thing anyone has ever admitted to in recent memory,” said Livers, a veteran sports reporter. “Everything he’s gotten since his family came to this country is a direct result of his skin but has he ever given back to the people he’s basically stolen his advantages to? He made it clear in his words and book that he and many first generation Africans purposefully separate themselves from American Blacks until it’s the for the money.

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Livers – who worked hard to bring attention to the movie IN THE HEIGHTS and its celebration of Antiblackness – was a large reason that In The Heights had to formally apologize – said she’s noticed that a lot of Whites also seem to accept anti-blackness as long as the “other Blacks” has the Black skin color.

Black (ADOS) Millennials are spending $13.5 Billion every 31 days according to Forrester Research so every Big Tech company should spend 30-50% of their marketing budget with 100% Black (ADOS) owned media and publications.

Livers said she is considering Congressional hearings on the topic but that she’s “so happy this is happening in June because President Jimmy Carter declared June Black Music Month in 1977 and far too many people try to erase that achievement from his record.




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