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Mary J. Blige Featured on Season 3 Premiere of ‘Jemele Hill is Unbothered’ Podcast / LISTEN

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*In the Season 3 premiere episode of Spotify’s “Jemele Hill is Unbothered,” R&B icon Mary J. Blige joins Jemele to discuss her new documentary, “My Life,” which takes a deeply personal look at the singer’s signature album.

Mary also discusses her upcoming acting roles, including her role as Dinah Washington in Aretha Franklin’s biopic, “Respect.” She also discusses how she dealt with insecurity and self-esteem issues, and whether she’s open to being married again.

Plus, Jemele debuts her new segment, “I Got A Story To Tell,” and offers her thoughts on the discord between Meg Thee Stallion and DaBaby.

Below are key moments and time stamps from the episode. Please let me know if you can share this with your readers and happy to offer up select interviews with host Jemele Hill.

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Key Moments: Jemele Hill is Unbothered – Episode 147

0:00 – Jemele on feeling a sense of optimism compared to one year ago
3:00 – Jemele shares updates to the podcast for Season 3: new theme music and segments
9:00 – Word of the week: Jemele weighs in on Critical Race Theory
25:00 – Mary J. Blige on being a ‘vessel’ to many women and women of color and discusses Amazon documentary “My Life”
30:30 – Mary on the first time she felt famous, hearing herself on a country music station
32:00 – Mary on when she first felt ‘unbothered’ after her divorce and realizing the power of putting herself first
34:00 – Shares the genesis of the My Life documentary – going on tour with Nas for the 25th anniversary of My Life and Illmatic albums.
35:00 – On the difficulty to relive aspects of her life while creating the documentary
42:00 – On appearing in Aretha Franklin’s biopic “Respect.”
44:00 – Jemele’s new segment “I’ve got a story to tell.” Details the time of her life where Mary’s My Life album helped her the most
53:00 – Mary on gaining self confidence
55:00 – Mary on the prospect of getting married again and the ability to be vulnerable
57:30 – Mary on when fans can expect new music
1:02:00 – Mary on whether she would ever do a Versuz battle
1:13:00 – Jemele shares thoughts on DaBaby and Meg Thee Stallion discord




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