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Nivea Reveals Music Labels Wanted Her to Appear Single [VIDEO]

*Nivea chopped it up recently with The Jasmine Brand and reflected on coming up in the music industry in the 2000’s at a time when record labels wanted artists to keep their relationship status a secret.

“In the beginning of my career any artist, guys and females, they wanted you to seem available,” she said. “They wanted their fans to think they had a chance with you, especially at your shows and stuff. So if [you say you’re married] they can’t live out the fantasy…It wasn’t cute to have your baby on your hip…now it helps careers.”

This has been a longstanding rule in the music industry… goes back to the golden age of rock-in-roll, when male artists especially had to keep personal romances on the low to make them more marketable to female fans.

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“It’s also a color thing,” Nivea continued. “Black women are being allotted more freedoms now and some of the judgments are being taken off of us but a lot still exists but in the beginning of my career if  another race of girl had a spouse or a baby it wasn’t looked down upon or [they weren’t told] we don’t know how to market you anymore.”

Hear more from Nivea about it via the clip above.

Meanwhile, as reported by MadameNoire, Nivea recently revealed that R. Kelly tried to shoot his shot when she was underage. When asked if she told any of the adults around her at the time, the songstress explained… “It wasn’t nothing to tell. The thing was being in the industry, being a young, sexy, little girl. And I’m sorry, I said little girl. Because the industry is filled with men. It was more male dominated. Everybody tried to talk to you, girl. They all. Yes, they did. That doesn’t mean anything happened though,” Nivea said.

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