Thursday, May 19, 2022

NYPD Arrests Gang Member Who Shot a Man and Barely Missed Two Children / WATCH

Michael Lopez (inset & screenshot)
Michael Lopez caught on video shooting at Hassan Wright and barely missing two children.

*The rapid influx of violence seemingly grows stronger and stronger as the days go on. The community sense of responsibility people used to have back in the day of keeping adult matters private from children or keeping street matters away from home, clearly doesn’t exist nowadays.

Micheal Lopez, 27 was taken into custody early Friday morning by the NYPD, after opening fire in The Bronx on 24-year-old Hassan Wright in broad daylight on June, 17.

Police say Lopez is a member of the notorious “Make it Happen Boyz” street gang in Harlem and has outstanding warrants for attempted murder, armed robbery, and revenge porn for distributing graphic images of a woman, Sandra Rose reports.

Surveillance video, and witnesses from their apartment windows, caught the entire incident as Lopez chased Wright and opened fire as Wright stumbled over two children, 13-year-old Mia Toribio and her 5-year-old brother Christian Toribio.

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The children, who were strangers to Wright and Lopez, were in the midst of heading to the local store for some bread. In the video, Mia is seen using her body to shield her younger brother from the bullets and Wright tumbling on the sidewalk, ending in a fetal position.

Thankfully neither of the children were injured and Wright somehow was able to take himself into the hospital, where he was treated for several gunshot wounds to his back and both legs. Mia and Christian’s horrified parents watched the violence unfold from their apartment window.

“They saw the gunman running down the block shooting and they thought they were shooting their children,” Mayoral candidate and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said. “That little boy won’t leave his dad’s lap. When he hears a firecracker, he thinks it’s a shooting.”

It’s a miracle that the children, their parents, and their 2-year-old sister were able to be honored at a NY Yankees game on Sunday, June 20.

We send well wishes and a speedy mental and emotional recovery for all parties who were involved.

Chantelle Adanna
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