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Atlanta Boy Removed from Home After Abuse Video Goes Viral
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*A 12-year-old Georgia boy has been removed from his home and placed in DFCS after a disturbing video went viral showing him being abused because of his sexuality. 

One Twitter user said of the video, “I can’t share the video of that Black child being abused and humiliated. It triggered me and is triggering. It’s been said before, but if you are deeply invested in determining your child’s gender or sexuality for them, do not have children.”

They further added: “It’s too common and there is rarely accountability. And if you think there is a wide enough safety net to catch them, to prevent outcomes that love and affirmation at home could’ve, no.”

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Identified as Tyler, describes that the boy is seen in the video “getting abused and beaten by at least four people towering over him while another person films the Instagram live.” 

Here’s more from the outlet: 

The frame focuses on Tyler’s head shaved in messy fonts to spell the word “gay” as those around him accuse him of liking “this s**t” and “still doing gay s**t.” It is believed that Tyler’s older sister and brother were among the people abusing Tyler. 

Posted originally by the outlet Gaye, the video of Tyler’s abuse begins with at least two men in the frame of the video, with one wearing white — hand wrapped around the back of Tyler’s neck, grabbing and shaking the boy as the older man talks. “You say you’re what?” one of the men asks Tyler, referring to his sexuality, to which the boy replies, “Nothing.” The man asks him to repeat the answer as a woman says in the background, “And he like this s**t.”

Social media expressed outrage before someone notified the authorities. Per, a number of Atlanta residents helped police locate the boy.

“The behavior in this social media post was difficult to watch and is absolutely unacceptable,” a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department said.

In a follow-up video, Tyler begs the public not to bully his siblings. During the live session he says, “My brother and dem, they didn’t abuse me. They were just showing me [that I] need to stop doing that. I just wanted to get this off of my sister, like my sister didn’t do nothing or my brother, they were just showing me the right thing to do. It wasn’t like they was abusing me…they would never do things like that.” 

Social media users think he was forced to deny abuse, as a voice in the background is heard saying, “say it n*gga.”

Atlanta City council candidate Devin Barrington Ward said when he visited Tyler’s home, he was found living amidst systemic neglect. The pre-teen has reportedly been relocated to a new home. 

“Tyler is now free from the traumatic experience of dealing and engaging with his biological family and is in the hands of the Atlanta DFACS,” a statement on the GFM page reads.

A GoFundMe account was created for the boy by LGBT rights activist Hope Giselle and Devin Barrington-Ward, who is running for Atlanta City Council.

Atlanta boy named Tyler

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