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Prince Charles to Deny Harry’s Son Archie ‘Prince’ Title?
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*Prince Charles is reportedly estranged from his son Prince Harry and his daughter-in-law Meghan Markle after the couple told Oprah that Buckingham Palace was a racist “Firm” that refused to pay for their son Archie’s security.

Prior to his birth, senior members of the royal family also noted their concern about Archie’s skin color, according to Meghan and Harry. TMZ is now reporting that Prince Charles is allegedly refusing to make his grandson a prince once Charles ascends to the throne.

Here’s more from the outlet:

The son of Harry and Meghan Markle is now 7th in line to the throne, but according to the Daily Mail, the inside word is Charles wants to limit the number of critical royals, partly because it’s an expensive proposition and the public wants a more streamlined monarchy. Daily Mail notes members with titles such as Prince or Princess are entitled to financial support and security … all paid for by commoners. 

Following the Oprah interview, Prince Harry opened up about how his father raised him. 

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Speaking on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast in May Harry claimed Charles handed down to him a “cycle” of “genetic pain and suffering,” as reported by Page Six.

“He treated me the way he was treated,” the Duke of Sussex said, noting that he has considered quitting royal life since his “early 20s” because of “what it did to my mum.”

“It’s a lot of genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on anyway,” said Harry, who stepped back from his royal duties last year and moved to America with his wife. “So we as parents should be doing the most we can to try and say, ‘You know what? That happened to me, I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.’”

Now that he himself is a father of two, Harry said he wants to “break the cycle” within his family — after realizing that his father treated him the way he was raised by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. 

“I never saw it, I never knew about it, and then suddenly I started to piece it together and go, ‘OK, so this is where he went to school, this is what happened, I know this about his life, I also know that is connected to his parents so that means he’s treated me the way he was treated, so how can I change that for my own kids?’” he said.

“And here I am, I moved my whole family to the US, that wasn’t the plan but sometimes you’ve got make decisions and put your family first and put your mental health first.”

Harry described his life as a royal as “a mixture between ‘The Truman Show’ and being in a zoo.‘”

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