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Nivea Reveals R Kelly Tried to Shoot His Shot When She Was a ‘Little Girl’ [VIDEO]

*Singer Nivea dished with the hosts of the Lip Service podcast about her appearance on the new reality show, BET Presents “The Encore,” in which she forms a supergroup with famous R&B singers from back in the day. 

At one point in the conversation, Nivea discussed her working relationship with R Kelly. The two collaborated on her song “Laundromat.” Kelly is currently facing charges related to child sex trafficking and other sex crimes, so the co-hosts asked Nivea if he ever tried to approach her when she was underage.

Below is a transcript of the conversation, per MadameNoire.

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Lore’l: I want to know—cuz I know you worked with him. Did he ever try to talk to you?

Nivea: Yes, he did.

Lore’l: Did you tell someone or were you just like get away from me?

Nivea: It wasn’t nothing to tell. The thing was being in the industry, being a young, sexy, little girl. And I’m sorry, I said little girl. Because the industry is filled with men. It was more male dominated. Everybody tried to talk to you, girl. They all. Yes, they did. That doesn’t mean anything happened though.

But I was trying to say, I don’t actually know R Kelly’s age so maybe I been with a man in that age range.

Nivea: That’s another reason why them 20-somethings was liking me. They wanted a momma. I love to take care of people. I’m just loving.

Angela Yee: You need somebody to take care of you.

Nivea: For so many years now, I’ve taken care of myself. It’s almost to where I have nothing in me that desires anyone else to do it for some reason.

Angela Yee: I think that’s a true sign of when you know you really love somebody, when you allow them to take care of you. That’s the best feeling.

Nivea: I’ve had to learn that in learning how to be a friend. With my friends and family, I had been a source for so long. When I was dealing with my drug addiction, I blocked people out. I didn’t invite my friends into what I was struggling with, my pain. And I should have. And now I’ve learned to do that. I probably call them and tell them too much.

You can watch Nivea’s full interview in the video below.

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