Friday, September 17, 2021

Candace Owens Slams Juneteenth Holiday: ‘I’ll Be Celebrating July 4th Only’

Candace Owens

*Conservative political pundit Candace Owens took to Twitter on Thursday to announce she will not be celebrating the new federal holiday of Juneteenth or June 19, because it brainwashes Black people to see themselves as “separate from America.”

In a series of tweets posted after President Joe Biden signed the bill officially making June 19 a national holiday, Owens tweeted “Juneteenth is soooo lame. Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation. I’ll be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only. I’m American.”

She added, “It took all of 2 years for Democrats to train black Americans to worship criminals like George Floyd, beg for violence on the streets via ‘defund the police’ and to celebrate segregation in the form of ‘black Independence Day’. I just cannot comprehend the rampant stupidity.”

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“Every single race has been enslaved at some point in human history. Africans are STILL enslaved today,” she wrote. 

“This is not a holiday. This is more emotional training from Democrats to see ourselves as somehow separate from America. Independence Day is July 4th. The end,” Owens added.

She also noted that choosing to remember the “terrible toll that slavery took on the country—and continues to take” is an example of “emotional programming for black people that choose to opt in to the perpetual victim mentality.”

In another tweet posted on Thursday, Owens wrote: “This is your daily reminder that immigrants from Africa as well as the Caribbean are among the most successful ethnic groups in the country,” she said.

She continued with the blatant lie that “America doesn’t discriminate against people based on skin.” Adding, “Twitter is literally so boring without Trump. It’s just demented leftists making up random celebrations and trends like, HAPPY TRANSGENDER GYMNAST AWARENESS MONTH!”

As we previously reported, the House on Wednesday passed a bill to make Juneteenth or June 19th, the date in 1865 when slaves in Galveston, Texas, learned of their freedom, a national holiday.

The Senate passed the bill on Tuesday, and President Joe Biden signed the legislation into law Thursday to make Juneteenth the 12th federal holiday. The House voted 415-14 on Wednesday, with all votes against it coming from Republicans.

Biden said the new law is an example of the US coming to terms with “the mistakes we made.”

“Great nations don’t ignore their most painful moments. They don’t ignore those moments in the past. They embrace them. Great nations don’t walk away. We come to terms with the mistakes we made. And remembering those moments, we begin to heal and grow stronger,” Biden said during remarks at the White House.

Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union Major General Gordon Granger announced the end of slavery in Galveston, Texas, in accordance with President Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. Only a handful of states currently observe Juneteenth as a paid holiday.

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