Friday, October 22, 2021

Baby Born to Mom Fatally Shot by Rae Carruth’s Hitman is Now a High School Grad (Video)

Chancellor Lee Adams, son of Cherica Adams and her killer, former NFL star Rae Carruth, graduates from high school

*Chancellor Lee Adams, who was in his mother womb when she was fatally shot by his father, former NFL player Rae Carruth, is now a high school graduate, WBTV News reports.

Chancellor’s mother, Cherica Adams, was eight months pregnant with her son on Nov. 16, 1999, when she was shot four times by a gunman hired by Carruth, who did not want Adams to have the baby. Adams managed to survive long enough to call 911, name her killer and give birth to Chancellor before slipping into a coma and passing away one month later.

Twenty-two years later, Chancellor donned a royal blue cap and gown and made his way across the stage of Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C. to receive his diploma from Julius B. Chambers High School. His grandma, Saundra Adams, beamed: “I have seen Chancellor’s determination, how he persists through things, his resilience and overcoming so many of the odds.”

And the odds were arduous. Because of the trauma that took his mom’s life, Chancellor was born with cerebral palsy and permanent brain damage. Saundra Adams has cared for him ever since, documenting every milestone of “miracle child.” According to WCNC Charlotte, Chancellor was 10-years-old when he took his first 100 steps on his own. On his 16th birthday, he was finally able to walk by himself.

Watch a news report about Chancellor’s latest milestone below:

During Cherica Adams’ 911 call, she told authorities that Carruth had stopped his vehicle in front of hers, and that another vehicle drove alongside and its passenger had shot her. Carruth then drove away from the scene.

At trial, prosecutors contended that Carruth hired Watkins and others to murder Adams because of her refusal to abort their unborn child. In 2001, Carruth was found guilty of conspiracy to murder. Including pre-trial confinement, he served 18 years of an 18-to-24-year sentence in the North Carolina state prison system and was released from the Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina, on October 22, 2018.




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