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Nene Leakes Discusses RHOA Rumors, Fallout with Cynthia Bailey [WATCH]

NeNe Leakes

*NeNe Leakes recently dished with blogger Michelle “ATLien” Brown about her relationship with former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members and ongoing rumors surrounding the reality TV series.

She also revealed that none of the RHOA cast showed up at the grand opening of her new lounge called Linnethia Lounge, which is located in upscale Duluth, Ga., about 15 minutes northeast of Atlanta. 

Per SandraRose, “More interesting is what NeNe didn’t discuss during the interview, such as a rumored cash settlement from Bravo Network that prevents her from discussing the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding her dismissal,” the outlet writes. 

Watch the interview below.

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In a conversation with Michelle ATLien, Leakes was asked whether her former bestie Cynthia Bailey should return to the show.

“No. I mean she shouldn’t have come back many seasons ago.” Leakes said, “I think she should have been gone, that’s what my opinion is. And I think she is gone. I think she’ll say she moved to LA or something like that,” she added. 

“I hope so and I wish her well and all those things but I think that if you ever followed this show since season one, you should see the shift,” she says of Bailey’s storyline. “And you would look at the show and say why certain people are still here and certain people are gone. That tells you just a lot right there,” NeNe added. 

In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored, Leakes confirmed that the friendship between her and Cynthia is over.

“Friends, no” she stated. “Can I speak to her when I see her? Yeah, I’ll try.”

Leakes continued, “If you are a real friend, friends get their friends together,” she told Lee. “You tell your friend when you’re right or you’re wrong. You can’t just go hard on me and then your friend is doing the same thing and you don’t go hard on your friend.”


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