Saturday, October 23, 2021

Taylour Paige Talks New Role: Playing The Twitter Famous Zola [EURexclusiveWATCH]


*Once upon a time on Twitter, Zola, a former exotic dancer wrote an epic story that went viral and later turned into a movie. In 2015 Zola used the social platform to vent about the random events that took place when she met a fellow dancer. The story was so entertaining and crazy it spread like wildfire.

The Twitter community reposted, shared, and added their two cents about how they would’ve handled the situation.

Writers Janicza Bravo and Jeremy O. Harris were among the people completely intrigued by this story and now we have the movie “Zola.”

Fans of the infamous Twitter thread will finally have visuals to put with the story. Taylour Paige (“Ma Rainy’s Black Bottom”) plays Zola the young dancer just trying to make a few extra dollars.

When she meets Stephaine, played by Riley Keough, they hit it off right away. Stephanie later invites Zola to travel to Florida to dance with her.

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EUR sat down with the cast to get their reactions to being a part of this story.

“Before I got the role – I got the script – I was just so curious how they would adapt a Twitter thread into a screenplay. I was just so blown away by the writing. I was so excited and honored that Janicza wanted me to play Stephanie,” said Keough. Both ladies expressed their excitement to be cast.

“I first had resistance to it because it was a different writer and Janicza wasn’t attached. But by the time it came back around…I was excited, I collapsed to the floor and was really happy,” said Paige.  

zolaThe film also stars Colman Domingo (“Euphoria”) who plays Stephaine’s roommate and pimp. Domingo brings energy and fear to the film. His character adds to the roller coaster of emotions you will go through watching this film.

Zola” hits theaters on June 30.     




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