Monday, December 6, 2021

Police Accused Cory Booker of ‘Stealing His Own Car’ – Is This Even Possible?

Cory Booker
Cory Booker

*As a person of color in America, it is not a surprise that at any given time and in any given space you can go from being an innocent, uninvolved citizen to a criminal suspect almost instantaneously.

From random and unnecessary stop and frisk that are disproportionately administered to Black and Latino people, to the racial profiling that happens anywhere a non-person of color thinks you don’t belong it can get exhausting trying to prove your innocence.

Despite the fact that Senator Cory Booker went to school in a wealthy area of Northern California where mostly white people reside called Palo Alto, he was still victim to the prejudice.

According to Black Enterprise, Booker recalls a time where he was essentially held at gunpoint with the negligent misconception that he’d stolen the car that was registered in his name.

“It seemed like half the police force came out and they kept me, sitting in my car, screaming at me commands,” the New Jersey senator shared. “And ultimately, the only excuse they gave me was that I fit the description of somebody that they were looking for.”

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NJ Senator Cory Booker
NJ Senator Cory Booker

Booker also stated that the “incidents just started racking up” after his parents bought him a car when he was a Stanford University sophomore.

“You have these humiliating experiences, where you just feel helpless, and like a razor edge of the wrong move could get you shot,” Booker said.

This goes to show, once again that it truly doesn’t matter your status, if you are a person of color, but specifically Black or Latino, you will be targeted. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this country and what it has hatefully been built upon legally and in various aspects, it takes much trust in the things we cannot control to override in helpless situations like so.



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