Saturday, October 23, 2021

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Acquires Rights to Russell Duncan’s ‘Freedom’s Shore’

Malcolm Jamal Warner - The Residnt (Fox)
Malcolm Jamal Warner – ‘The Resident’ (Fox)

*Don’t you just love it when you see ownership is transferred and/or shared between people of color, especially in white male-dominated industries? Yes, well it’s a remarkable thing when we take control of our stories, voices, and experiences instead of selling off and letting off-brand versions of us be portrayed.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner now owns the rights to Russell Duncan’s novel “Freedom Shore: Tunis Campbell and Georgia Freedmen” reports Deadline via MSN News. Warner is set to star and produce this marvelous project. However,  no writer has been assigned, just yet.

A little back story of the novel: “Freedom’s Shore vividly depicts the incredible story of Tunis Campbell, a Northern abolitionist minister who became Senator and Vice President of the Republican Party of Georgia after the Civil War to help freed slaves transition to free men and women.

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Malcolm Jamal-Warner
Malcolm Jamal-Warner

With Warner’s well-versed acting and TV credibility, including but not limited to Fox’s hit medical drama “The Resident,” “Sneaky Pete,” and “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” it’s safe he was more than qualified for this.

“Tunis Campbell was a staunch defender of Human Rights and was one of the earliest activists in the fight against voter suppression in Georgia during the Reconstruction Era,” said Warner. “He was a movement unto himself. Civil Rights, Black Power, and Black Lives Matter a hundred plus years before those movements were labeled as such. Excited can only begin to describe how I feel about bringing this unsung hero’s life to the screen.”

Warner’s connection and understanding with the very root of civil rights movements, which were conducted years before the movements we see today, fuel his vision further of what he will execute.



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