Saturday, October 1, 2022

Woman Set to Face Manslaughter Charges After ‘Accidentally’ Shooting Sister in the Face – VIDEO

Taniyria Holt (Miami-Dade Corrections Dept)
Taniyria Holt (Miami-Dade Corrections Dept)

*Guns are not toys, Guns are not toys and they never have been. How many more “accidental” incidents have to occur for the light bulb to finally click? It is the utmost heart breaking to report deaths that could have been avoided by common care, concern, and common sense, that is not common at all.

According to TooFab, 24 year old Taniyria Holt, is facing possible manslaughter charges as she carelessly recorded herself parading a loaded gun that she did not own, and passing the gun to her sister, not knowing it was loaded, shot her in the face.

This incident shut down a section of the Interstate 195 on Sunday evening, Miami Beach police initially believed the gunshot wound was self-inflicted.

Yet, somewhat responsibly, per the arrest report, Holt waived her right to silence and explained what really happened.

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She said they were driving in a 2019 Jaguar with two other women, recording themselves on a cellphone, while she was handling a loaded 9mm handgun owned by another of the car’s passengers. She said she racked the gun — pulling back the slide — which ejected the live round from the chamber… mistakenly believing it would not be replaced by another.

“Thinking the firearm was free of live rounds, Ms. Holt said she went to pass the firearm over to her sister, Ms. Ponder (who was sitting behind the driver), but accidentally shot her,” the report said.

If this isn’t a pure example of two young lives being thrown away for absolutely nothing, then I do not know what is. We hope that Holt’s sister can make a full recovery despite the likelihood of her severe injuries.




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