Sunday, September 25, 2022

Katt Williams Says Success Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

katt williams - mugshot - portland
Katt Williams mug shot / Portland PD

*There is a large misconception that the more money you have the less problems you have. Yet, more successful and/or famous people more often than not have spoken out or acted out against that myth. We see too often billionaires committing suicide and rich people but especially of color using their money to overcompensate for what they didn’t heal steaming from where they came from.

Katt Williams is here to spit game to all who will listen, as he stands by his word in saying: “success brings you back into the same crosshairs that poverty did.”

“I fit the profile in almost every major city that I go to,” the hugely successful stand-up comedian, who has been arrested several times dating back to 2006, told Page Six.

“There’s a black guy in a very, very expensive, quarter-of-a-million-dollar vehicle riding through the hoods of black America, and as soon as he gets out, he fits the profile,” he explained. “By the time you find out that this is a lowly comedian only here to hit this arena and only in this area because this is where his people are, the damage is done.”

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Katt Williams
Katt Williams

This is coming from the horse’s mouth that if you haven’t got it by now, money doesn’t keep you out of the crossfire of authority, in fact it might heighten your chances.

Williams added, “There is nothing scarier than the fact that you can get seriously hurt, and the fact that innocence only matters later and that no article is going to come out [saying], ‘Hey, we’ve dismissed the charges on this guy, he didn’t do anything’ … that was the price to be paid for me to be in those areas and to get those conversations and those experiences, and that’s what I make my living off of.”

Regardless of all of the credibility Williams has attained over his years in comedy, he is still racially profiled like the masses.

“It’s a lot [to deal with], but it’s a lot for the regular citizen as well,” he said. “If I do 3,000 shows, I’m supposed to understand that something could go wrong at 30 of them mathematically. I’m supposed to take that on the chin as what you signed up for. There’s no amount of money that you make that insulates you from it. That’s when it gets to the point where it’s damaging to the country.”

It takes a village to get to a point where we all treat one another as equal and mean it. That day is prayerfully on the horizon!




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