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Gary Owen Tells Wendy There’s ‘A Big Twist’ to His Divorce – Then, She Asks Him on A Date! [WATCH]

Gary Owen (Clive)

*Gary Owen hit up the “Wendy Show” to promote his latest film “The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2,” and at one point during the conversation, he dropped a bombshell about his divorce from Kenya Duke.

As noted by Ice Cream Convos, “Wendy Williams kicked off the interview by heavily flirting with Gary to the point of making him visibly uncomfortable,” the outlet writes.

[Wendy straight up asked dude out to dinner. Scroll down to watch him sweat and try and figure out how to answer her. 🙂 ]

Once the conversation shifted to his divorce battle with his estranged wife, the famed comedian noted that his attorney advised him not to speak on the matter, but he did make clear that: “There is a big twist to my divorce that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a doozy,” Gary told Wendy. “But, I can’t speak on it yet. But, It’s big. It’s big.”

Watch the moment via the clip below.

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Earlier we reported how Kenya recently took to social media to blast the comedian after he uploaded a photo of himself in a t-shirt that read “bread-winner.”

As reported by MadameNoire, Duke posted a lengthy response under the post, noting that she was more of the breadwinner throughout their 23 years together. She also claims Gary has not provided any emotional or financial support to their family since April.

Here’s what she had to say:

I have never gone to the media. The media goes looking for the paperwork. I have allowed you to tell your family, friends, and fans any false narrative that you want or need it to be about us, the relationship and our kids. Because I DON’T care or feel a need to defend or explain myself. You and I know what it really is! But when you go and make these dumb passive aggressive posts in these insensitive ass t-shirts, I am triggered and you now have my attention. You haven’t supported us since April 1st. Nothing, nada, zero not electric, water, gas, not insurance (medical, dental, life, car, house, etc.), not groceries, not maintenance for the house, not the gas or maintenance of the cars, not the platinum card I got for us (because you wanted one) and you couldn’t get one (on your own), not the cell phone you had for 23 years; instead you just got another phone number and didn’t pay the bill. All of our bills are attached to my SSN and credit. You have paid the $4500 mortgage that is attached to your SSN and credit (for the 1st time) but that is it.

Duke added that Owen hasn’t seen their children in months. The comic explained to Wendy that his kids are adults so how could he be a deadbeat father?

Meanwhile, as we noted up top, during his appearance on her show this week, the famed talk show host asked Gary out on a date. Peep the awkward and hilarious moment below.


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